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    No hobby is safe from me! I collect them...as a hobby.
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    Q4 2007
  1. Trimbat

    Valentines gift

    Waugh that's beautiful. I can't imagine doing Rondo that small (but that doesn't mean I won't, one day!). Great colors, seriously cool pendant. *yay*
  2. Trimbat

    Slytherin Crest

    Agreed. Awesome inlay, love the colors!
  3. Trimbat

    Couple of first tries at a few weaves.

    Oo pretty. Stepping Stones is such an awesome weave, and it looks surprisingly good in steel! All very nice.
  4. Hi all! I just came into a handful of really gorgeous little seashells (and a few other tiny bits of things), and so of course I want to hook them onto metal so people can wear them. Of course. Thing is, they're quite delicate, being small, and I'm trying to find an epoxy or other clear coating that will strengthen and protect them. In spite of days of searching, I can't seem to find anything -- people keeping seashells tend to recommend clear nail polish to protect them, but I know that won't be tough enough if they're being worn on jewelry. In exchange for your help I offer my undying gratitude. Thanks!
  5. Trimbat

    testing mail vs arrow and sword

    Fascinating article; it cost me at least $100 because dammit, now I HAVE to buy a katana.
  6. Trimbat

    Where do you buy wire?

    Well, I've found some small amounts of copper, blackened steel (looks cool but seems to rust in the open air), and what appears to be 22g green enameled copper, all at the local hardware store. Plus, they have curb chain in several colors & sizes, and cheaper than the hobby stores. (There is a badass local hardware store by my house that, it turns out, beats the heck out of the big-box stores in just about every conceivable way.) However, I'm really glad so many of you told me not to write off TRL! I just placed an order (mandrels!) and thought, for the first time, to check the Clearance section -- and they had BA wire (in a slightly odd gauge, about 19.5) for $5 a pound! SCORE!
  7. Trimbat

    Where do you buy wire?

    ...Well, those are certainly compelling points too. I'm far from married to the idea of buying brick-and-mortar; in fact I prefer online ordering for darn near everything (my life will be perfect when I can buy groceries online). I will check out some of the other websites, but it's obvious that TRL is really a good deal -- nothing says "good deal" more than happy customers! -- so I'll definitely keep them in mind, and just work on finding some backup sites and/or stores for when time or shipping $ is a factor. Thanks!
  8. Trimbat

    Where do you buy wire?

    It did seem like the shipping would add a lot, especially to any non-trivial quantity of wire -- my ring orders are usually light, but a good-sized spool of wire is not, and I live in the U.S. Thank you everyone for the awesome suggestions and details on what kinds of wire to look for. I'll check and see if there are hobby-stores or jewelry-supply shops around here (I've never seen any, but who knows) -- and haunt some welding sections of hardware stores to see if they've got anything useful. It's nice to know that TRL is always here for whatever I either can't find, or can bear waiting for, though! Thanks!
  9. Trimbat

    Where do you buy wire?

    Hi all! I've got some royalty money coming (with any luck), and naturally I'm going to blow it on chainmail stuff. (Can I say that it's nice to know that here, at least, nobody will look at me like o.0 for saying that, in this economy, I'm determined to buy a bunch of wire and pliers?) Specifically, I need wire. I normally buy rings from TRL, but as it is they take forEVER to get here, and I know that shipping on spools of wire is probably going to be some combination of even slower & more expensive, so I'm hoping to buy wire from a brick-and-mortar store, if possible. What kind of store do you think I should go to, and if you have any tips for what I should look for or avoid in store-bought wire (as well as what prices are reasonable, if you know? --I've never bought wire, really), I would really appreciate it. I'm most interested in BA, copper, maybe brass, silver if I can afford it, titanium/niobium/cool stuff if it even exists in stores (I'm suspecting it doesn't)...and, well, anything that makes nice rings. Thanks everyone!
  10. Trimbat

    Heat Treating Stainless Steel

    Holy cow in a sacred stable, Kodiak, that is the most AMAZING site I've ever seen! How on Earth do they get so much information in one place?! Needless to say, I'm very glad you feel obligated to drop that link now and again!
  11. Trimbat

    Connecting Euro 4-1 and HP 3-1

    Perfect! Can't believed I missed that; I *live* on that site, but sometimes it takes an extra pair of eyes I guess. Thanks!
  12. Trimbat

    Uses for BIG Lobster-Claw Clasps

    Heh, they were a gift. And based on all the suggestions here, I'm sure I'll find *some* use for them. They don't look quite right for wallet-chains I think, but maybe handbag straps, or even leashes (BRG-style leashes, I suppose, since who wants a fancy maille leash just for Fido?). Or very funky necklaces. I like the shirt-closure idea too; right after I posted this I thought about using them to close bras or other maille clothing. Thanks everybody!
  13. Trimbat

    Ahem. Beware, long-haired kitties!

    Waugh, what awesome stories! Definitely makes me not feel so bad about the rings stuck in kitty's fur. At least he didn't eat anything (er, yet)!
  14. Just a note to say that IF your poofy long-haired maine coon cat suddenly develops a nasty burr/hair clot in his big poofy tail, DON'T complain loudly to your husband that the stupid cat is always getting into crap in the basement UNTIL you make sure that it's not, in fact, a stray open ring that's become lodged in kitteh's fur. ::
  15. Hehe, okay, so I came into a rather goofy amount of large lobster-claw clasps -- 1.2 inches long -- way too big to use on bracelets or necklaces, which is mostly what I'm making now, as I work my way through learning all the weaves I can stuff into my brain. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what I could use these clasps for! I've got lots of "bigger" (16g 1/4"-and-thereabouts) rings at the moment, too, if that helps. Thanks!