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    Currently working on becoming a professional welder.
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    Two Thousand Eight
  1. Messerschmitt

    You might be a mailler if...

    BWAHAHAHA I liked this one. YMBAMI: You find a way to incorporate maille into your art class (or whatever) project even though maille has nothing to do with the class at all. (Chain for the lantern in my welding class, pictures in a few days.)
  2. Messerschmitt

    My first BIG project - a jacket!

    Lol 2nd base, I'll have to be sure when (more like if) I get mine done to watch out for that. No ideas on how to modify anything but I think it looks neat! I love the strip of large rings down the sleeves, that's just awesome.
  3. Messerschmitt

    You might be a mailler if...

    YMBAMI: You twitch every time you walk past the TIG rod rack in the welding shop. YMBAMI: You collect the used up TIG rods after every welding class. YMBAMI: You make said collected TIG rods into rings/clasps and make maille out of them.
  4. Messerschmitt

    Steering wheel cover

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm from AZ so I know what a hot steering wheel in the summer is like. I've got plans to get one of those reflective wheel covers that are popular in hot places like Phoenix but not up here in Washington. It's actually been quite nice so far. I'm in a couple welding classes and at the end of the day it's nice to rest my burnt fingers on that cold metal XD
  5. Messerschmitt

    Steering wheel cover

    Hello everybody! I haven't posted much in a while, but I just got done with a project of mine. I made a steering wheel cover for my Jeep over the past few weeks inbetween my classes. Stats are: 14ga 3/8ths stainless steel rings in euro 4-in-1 with some hp 3-in-1 around the... sections. I have no idea how many rings I used up, I'm guessing around a pound or so? No idea. It took maybe... 10 hours from start to finish including me trying to figure out how to get it on the wheel. I know one thing, this thing isn't coming off anytime soon.
  6. Messerschmitt

    My new MINI and Lake Effect Snow (Long Post)

    You sure it was due to poor visibility? That person may have just been jealous. But that's a lot of snow! The most I've seen is 3 feet over a couple days in Flagstaff AZ.
  7. Messerschmitt

    *Check out my new car*

    Sweet! Have fun with your husbands new car when you get it!
  8. Messerschmitt

    Sad and Mad

    Good for you for taking in the puppy. I think about abandoned animals all the time, or if someone asked me if I wanted theirs because they were dumping it, would I take it? The only problem for me is I live at my Grandma's house now. I can't just be taking in animals whenever I want to. I'm sure I would though, I could always throw out the "I don't know where a shelter is so I brought it home" line. (I really don't.)
  9. Messerschmitt

    Dragonsquare pt2

    Wow that, that, that, that... that is just awesome!
  10. Messerschmitt

    Blue Jay inlay

    Wow, that is just... wow! I am very envious of your talent.
  11. Messerschmitt

    black stainless

    I just used an old plastic coffee can filled with rice and shook it while I was on my computer. Then I washed mine with the soap. They can air dry, no need to hand dry each ring/chain.
  12. Messerschmitt

    Chainmaille in cars?

    Well so far heat hasn't been a problem. Not much sun here in Vancouver Washington XD I was thinking that over Christmas break when I fly home I'll have acssess to the rest of my rings so I could possibly make some stainless mirror covers for the side mirrors, a shifter cover, possibly a steering wheel thing... who knows? I think I'll have fun coming up with stuff. (only problem is that the Jeep will be 3000 miles away...)
  13. Messerschmitt

    Chainmaille in cars?

    Nah, I've got a Cherokee and unless I wanna rip the roof apart, no chainmaille top for me. That's an awesome idea though! Maybe I'll be able to convince my Uncle to let me make one for his Rubicon
  14. Messerschmitt

    Chainmaille in cars?

    I've been looking for somewhere to put some maille in my Jeep but other than hainging stuff on the rear veiw mirror (necklace+arrowhead and a keychain+scale) I can't find anywhere else to put anything. I was thinking of making a wrap for the shifter thingy but I'm not sure how I would go abouts doing that. Have any of you figured something out to make your vehicle awesome? The only other thing I can think of it covering the steering wheel in maille.
  15. Messerschmitt

    Apparently there's someone in my dorm who mailles...

    That's funny XD. I'm just waiting for the day I meet another mailler in my area. I may have possibly gotten one on board during my photography lab but I haven't seen him here yet.