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  1. Ant

    Order in

    My bronze & nickel silver wire and rings arrived yesterday, all is good. That 12g. bz is going to make a strong gladiator sleeve. Thanks again.
  2. Ant

    status of order

    Thanks. I just received shipping confirmation.Should be here by the 15th. Now the waiting begins. Ant.
  3. Ant

    status of order

    Hi. I placed an order by phone on Mar. 8th and was wondering when it will be sent, as I have not received an email yet. Thanks.
  4. Ant

    top medieval movies

    I'll add my two pence here. The warlord ,Heston 1965. The Vikings, Kirk douglas 1958. The Lion in Winter , Peter O'Toole & Katherine Hepburn 1968, and one of my all time favourites; Mac Beth, the Roman Polanski version. Not sure what year it was made, 72' I think. MacBeth has all kinds of armour ,both mail & plate. There are several more I cannot think of right now.
  5. Ant

    overdue feedback

    Greetings. I just remembered this. 3 or 4 years ago, i had the Ringlord make me some rivet set pliers. The divots were slightly misaligned making them unusable. I emailed Ringlord and waited. After a few days of waiting for a reply as to whether or not they would make good on them, I called them up only to find out they had already sent a replacement set at no additional cost. That's customer service! And yes , the 2nd pair have been working great.
  6. Hi. I,ts been awhile but here goes. Will you ever have more punched rings in either mild or galvy? I bought several pounds of the galvy punched a few years ago for my riveted projects and have run out. They were .40 thick. Thanks.
  7. Ant

    Some feedback

    Hello. Received my last order promptly. The Black Ice is way cool. Regular & black niobium is also good. The punched stainless 1/4" rings however have sharp burrs round the hole. This is not a major concern as it is for an armour project. I do not have a tumbler as I predominately make armour (riveted/solid) and not jewellry. You may want to specify this in the description as any gambeson under these rings will get chewed up due to the burrs. I have ordered punched rigs before and none were ever burred like this. Anyway, that aside , it's all good. Ant. P.S. Aluminum punched rings in Black Ice would rock. Thanks.
  8. Ant

    Derailed Compendium

    Hey , Derailed. Very cool workings there. Also you,re the second person from Thunder Bay i,ve seen post here, cool. At thyis rate we,ll have to have a T.Bay gathering some time. Ant.
  9. Ant

    to coin or not to coin

    Hey, my coined split-rings are stronger than my un-coined ones. Proper coining flattens the ring partially , work hardened rings are the result. For example, take a normal butted ring and another of the same and flatten with a hammer. Now do a pull test on both. the flattened ring is always stronger when compared to a regular butted ring of the same material. Ant.
  10. Ant

    Riveted chainmail

    Wholesale Armor is where I got most of my rivet rings from. They are also known as Kinglance on ebay. They don,t show it but they have flat rings and round rings,just ask. One thing to be aware of though; you,ll have about 20% bad rings in a 5kg. bag. I predominatley use round rings/rivets as thats accurate for my kit. I have not found cheaper rings in bulk anywhere else. I posted pic months ago that employs these rings. Oh yeah, one more thing, Ringlord made my peening tongs, they work great. Ant.
  11. Ant

    Wedge rivetted Ring source

    I emailed them a month or so ago for a quote. For the size I wanted , they quoted $16.00 U.S./kg. It was for round rings/rivets though. Thats not to bad a price considering what some a reselling them for. You,d probably have to make it a large order to get a better price. Hope that helped. Ant.
  12. Ant

    4200 Ring necklace.

    Extrememly cool. At first glance, i thought it was made from rope . Ant.
  13. Ant


    Hey Sozen, this is the first time ever that i,ve seen someone else from T.Bay post here. Actually , i,m out in K.B. Falls. I,ve heard tell of other maillers in these parts but, outside of the SCA , never met any.. Lord Anton.
  14. Ant

    Updated Armour!

    Nice plate. Is it mild steel? Are you going to use it for S.C.A.? My kit weighs in around 8o -85lbs. After a couple rounds, i,m sweating like a dog . As soon as my riveted haubergeon is done, it will shave at least 15lbs of mail weight off. Again, very nice kit. Ant.
  15. Wow, more cool scale work. I too am curious about it,s weight. That could be a good to do a mantle. Ant.