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  1. kielis


    that is 1 of the awsomest things iv ever seen.
  2. kielis


    what pattern is that on the skirt?
  3. kielis


    very nice.
  4. kielis

    Isotropic shirt

    just looking at that thing frazzles me... O.o
  5. kielis

    ren fairs

    i guess i'm getting it mostly right then. i tend to keep the bracelets between 8-15 $ depending on complexity. i can usually speed through a bracelet by sitting and churning out the ring sizes i'll need while im watching tv or something and then you can just get them out of the bins and have a bracelet done in more like 3 hrs. i'v been making a bunch of little bags 2. can usually have one done in the same amount of time.
  6. kielis


    i'v thought about it too but i always worry that they'll catch their claws in the rings. does he/she have a problem with that?
  7. kielis


    thats a fierce warrior there
  8. kielis

    Large Pendant Light

    holy moly!!!
  9. kielis

    "God Wills It"

    now comes the battle cat!! try herding that 1
  10. kielis

    byzantine set

    Dog collar and leash
  11. kielis

    byzantine necklace

    yup. i keep a tub of charms and stuff and let people pick out what they want when i sell.
  12. kielis

    ren fairs

    i hit that a lot. annoys the hell outa me. not sure what i should charge for what i do. i usually work in aluminum and brass and sometimes copper.
  13. kielis

    ren fairs

    that is awsome. how long did it take you to make that? and can you upload a pic?
  14. kielis

    cuff with brass

    yup. 4got which 1 i had.
  15. kielis

    byzantine necklace

    pic taken on happy new owner