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    18g and 20g Anodized Ti ring ACTUAL ARs?

    Well I can tel you for sure that the 18g 7/32 are just large enough to make a standard boxchain that still has enough flex to be worn as a necklace or bracelet. So I would say that the AR's listed are fairly close after you take into account the size of the blade cut. So the 18g 5/32 would probably work very well for the three you want. The weaves might be a little loose but I don't believe that a .3-.4 difference in AR would make them sloppy. As for being new to the craft Titanium is a rather hard material to work with it has some serious strength, And if you over work it, it can break and weaken very easily.
  2. Dia Atton

    Forum Upgrade

    Ok so after doing a full reset on Chrome I'm still coming up with the broken Emoticons and not sure if it was intentional but the Board links at the top are no longer colored. The blue was easier to see IMO I honestly overlooked it at first and thought you had removed it. Other than that it seems to be coming along nicely. Pic is of the forum links I mentioned.link color?
  3. Dia Atton

    custom pliers for stainless

    I use a pair of these exclusively for my Steel work in anything above 18G even. I have however modified them slightly by drilling two small holes , one on each handle, inside near the top where they meet and have super glued in a rare earth disc magnet into each hole so they repel one another. This works quite well for pushing them back open after I let go and doesn't seem to hinder my ability to close them at all, When working with 14-18G steel what's an extra few ounces of pressure needed to close them. I've had the same pair for something like 10 years and have worn nice ring groves into the edges of both pliers and am just now considering getting a new set and retiring those to my tool box for "normal" use. Hope that might give you an idea or help someone out. As for where I got the magnets they came from a local "junk" shop called American Science and Surplus I know they have a website you can order from as well but you may have something similar near by you.
  4. Dia Atton

    Pre-closed rings in trade for raw rings

    Cyber looking at your rings there seems to be small gaps on most of your saw cut rings and the machined ones are always worse for anyone. I will check if I have any saw cut with me as I am not with all of my supplies. I know I have quite a bit of machine cut AA but I'm not sure I have anything saw cut with me.... If I do I'll get some pictures up to compare to yours... And I just sold the AE yesterday I had made it for someone and didn't think to get any pictures cause I'm in the process of helping my Mother move. But off to check for anything I may have missed. Wish me luck *edit* Ohhhh found some Saw cut Anodized Ti I had left over with me... not much but enough to close a few and get good pic... now to find my SD converter cause e-mailing them to myself is taking to long. *secondary edit to add pics* First pic is of the saw cut Ti http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z354/Dia_Atton/2011-03-04094907.jpg Second is of Machine cut AA http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z354/Dia_Atton/2011-03-04094805.jpg
  5. Dia Atton

    Pre-closed rings in trade for raw rings

    Ok so here's my question. You said shipping out batches of open rings and when you get back the closed ones shipping a "payment" of open rings again. Okay your 1:1 ratio now comes into effect. Are you in effect offering, as an example I close 1,000 rings for you, your "payment" would be 1,000 rings for me? If so this seems a bit low... I can close roughly 200 Alum rings an hour *estimate based on taking roughly 20 seconds to "perfectly" close a ring* (Yes I timed myself closing 16G etched aluminum rings as I don't have any BA laying around, From the time it takes to pick up to setting down the ring). So in say an 8 hour day I could close 1,500 rings which is roughly $10-$15 depending on size, based on TRL prices for pre-cut 14-18G BA rings. Don't get me wrong here for me it would still be a nice deal as I have a rather large amount of free time at the moment. As I am waiting on rings for my own projects and I don't have the volume of commissions that I would like to have. And hey Free rings are free rings to me So not that I'm trying to shoot the idea down or anything it just seems a bit low if anyone was doing it for anything other than free rings for time wasted in front of the TV. But I'm still interested in a 1:1 trade if you need more hands and if you like I could get a few shots of the closures I do for all of my work before you decide anything.