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  1. suegems

    Rings for small aluminum scales?

    Does anyone have an patterns for scales and jewelry? I love the way they look and lay on the bigger pieces but have not had any luck making a foundation bracelet to use for the 4 in 1. thank you.
  2. suegems

    Four new pieces.

    You did a great job on this wrap....... I am still having issues trying to get this. What pattern did you use? First ever cab wrap. Stainless Steel 20ga 7/64 with a bluce lace cab Dragonback in what I believe is BA 18 1/4" HP 4 in 1 Square Wire Stainless Steel 18ga 5/16'' ID Have fixed most of the closures. Finally a HP 3in1 sheet 6 in Bronze 22ga 1/8 ID Have had alot of time on my hands with my grandpa being sick.
  3. suegems

    Covered 45 degree seam on scales

    This is wonderful. In looking at your "snaps" you have quite an extensive portfolio in scales. Have you ever made any bracelets. I have tried several times to make one (using standard jump rings) and it just doesn't both lay, or join nicely. Do you have any ideas on what pattern and material to make a foundation bracelet as you begin the traditional 4 in 1 weave. Thank you Sue
  4. suegems

    Making Harmony's Coil Guide

    Thanks to everyone and their responses on cutting rings. When I pulled up this thread for Harmony's coil guide the pictures have been removed. Does any one have access to them..
  5. I have left and received a few responses regarding low yields cutting rings with my long cutter. What does everyone use for cutting large quantities of rings. My instructor teaches several classes and supplies the rings as part of the kit. The small cutter takes too long, and the yield is low and reject ratio is much to high using the long cutter jig. I know there must be folks out there that cut a large volume of rings. I really need your help. Thank you
  6. Any one had any luck with the new Ray Grossman design where the blade remains stationary? And where can you find discount replacement blades? My instructor and I have been using another very popular cutter and gernerally it works fine in the smaller size. However when my teacher needs to fill a large order for a class, she has been loosing a quite a bit at the end of the coil and or breaking blades. And trust me it is NOT because she doesn't clean the system. The only thing we can guess is there is a more torque and movement in the longer set. We are very anxious to hear from others. I guessed that many of you must cut large volumes or rings from Sterling or Enamel coated copper. Any ideas or suggestions. Thank you Sue
  7. suegems

    I made something for myself

    I don't ever want to hear you say it's JUST half persian 3 in 1. I still can't get my arms around connecting. I love the coin wrapped, it is a real stunner. GREAT JOB
  8. suegems

    Several things

    I love these, HOWEVER I am having real issues trying to master the joining 3 in 1 half persian. Any tips? I've looked at a number of tutorials but I can't quite get it through my thick skull. I just made a necklace where the chain links are sections of connected full persian. So I guess some things I get, but I am having real issues with the half. First some more polymer clay cabs wrapped in HP 3in1 AA 0.8mm 4mm ID, all of these are from here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5679745 this lovely lady gives me samples of other canes whenever I buy some! Aura earrings in sterling and goldfill with pearls (sterling 1mm wire 5mm ID, goldfill 1mm & 0.8mm wire 3mm & 2.3mm ID). There's a few things about these that bother me, the wire ends under the pearls and a few closures! Sterling (1mm wire 3mm ID) and AA (0.8mm 4mm ID) Byzantine bracelet. Sterling (0.8mm wire 2.3mm ID) and AA (0.8mm 4mm ID) earrings. and some earrings I made for myself a long time ago. Magus Chain (love this weave) in sterling 1mm & 0.8mm wire 4mm & 2.3mm ID with pearls and Beer Quartz briolettes.
  9. suegems

    Need some help on joining 3 in 1

    I am not sure what you are saying. Of course I am a bit scattered after a couple of hours trying this. Where are you in NYS, I live in Rochester
  10. O.K. I've looked at all the tutorials, and I've made a dozen or so 3 in 1 half persians. But am still having serious issues joining the chain for wrapping. I need some advise, hints, and HELP from some of the experts. Thanks Sue
  11. suegems

    Chain Maille Pins?

    I have done a "bunch" of bracelets. I wear suits quite often, does anyone have any Pin patterns or ideas? Thank you Sue
  12. suegems


    Please add me to the list of people begging for that tutorial... I have many MANY stones, I have been fabricating jewelry for 15 years. I recently took a class at a local studio on Chain Maille and I'm hooked. I would love to be able to incorporate the two. I have set some using the 3 in 1 half persian, but that won't work for a ring. YOUR DESIGN IS GREAT
  13. suegems

    Double Vision Pattern

    This group is the best. I am addicted to Chain Maille, is there a 12 step program.
  14. suegems

    Double Vision Pattern

    Does anyone have a Tutorial for the Double Vision pattern. I friend made one using two colors of enamel coated copper and I loved it. She said the pattern was out there, unfortuetly she has moved. Can any one help? Sue
  15. Has anyone had any luck wrapping cabs with other chain patterns. I am having a "devilish time wrapping an odd size stone. Any help out there?