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  1. parksddd

    Interwoven JPL aka. Half Persian in 3D (new weave?)

    Yes it is JPL inside of JPL but an easier way to weave it would be to start a really loose HP4-1 and then add in the '3D' as I put it. I would only use that method to get it started and then go one ring at a time after it is holding itself together correctly. I started it as two JPL strands interwoven and it was a bear.
  2. parksddd

    Interwoven JPL aka. Half Persian in 3D (new weave?)

    That is it!... Hard to believe i've never seen this weave as it is right up my alley. Editing original to strike out 'new weave'.
  3. Greetings all! I don't post often but I lurk a bit. Today, however, I think I have something worth asking. Is this a new weave? I feel I would have seen it before if it isn't. From left to right.... JPL5, JPL, Interwoven JPL Notice you can see the same angled pattern as JPL but it is also a persian style weave. It is actually two distinct JPL weaves that overlap completely just like interwoven euro 4-1. I'm guessing it is some strange hybrid of a double locked spiral and a persian weave. Ideas as to what else it might be? It is JPL3x2 Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  4. parksddd

    JPL5, JPL, JPL-Interwoven aka Half Persian in 3D

    I think the far right is a new weave.
  5. parksddd

    Looking for a tutorial

    Feel free to use anything I've ever posted. I carry a handful of them around at times to hand out. Costs almost nothing but time to make and they are much more memorable then business cards (though I don't sell much anyway). I tossed around the idea of having the scales engraved but many companies don't want to take the risk of engraving on your materials and/or the angle of a scale. Sometime I'll take a picture of my larger version. Same basic design with larger rings and a full size scale. I think the legs and arms become 3x3 instead of 2x2. The head ring is one I got out of a 'pound of floor sweepings' so I don't even know how large it is, but it is very large. These small ones do take surprisingly long to make though. I can get one done in just under 10 minutes in stainless. The problem is the scale. Hooking the body to the scale and the arms at the same time is a tight fit.
  6. parksddd

    Looking for a tutorial

    I was one of the first (if not the first) to make these. I dug up my old post on the subject. The Man of Steel I ended up making hundreds of these and handing them out as party favors at my wedding. Mine are a fair bit simpler than the others in this thread. I believe there are only three sizes of rings (I haven't made any in a while). If memory serves me right I based it on the 'starter kits' so that a newbie could make something fun. Therefore I think the ring sizes are 14ga 3/8'' (head), 16ga 5/16''(Body, Hands, Feet), 18ga 1/4''(Arms, Legs). A few times i have replaced the head or the hands with small keychain rings. Making him even more of a keychain. Wow it has been a long time since I posted.
  7. parksddd

    Jap 8-2 Cube.

    My plan is for about 3500 AA 3/16 rings. It took a while to do the math to find that number. I don't make my own rings so I ordered the AA 3/16 kit and some extra 'variegated' bags and some plain silver rings. I should have enough rings to make two of them. The weave will be simple Jap 8-2 but with uniform sides. Many 8-2 cubes you see do not look the same on all sides. Example of non-symmetrical cube: http://www.chainmailbasket.com/images/weaves/japanese_8in2_cube_03_sm.jpg Symmetrical Cube (but very hard to see because the picture is terrible: http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/pics/sm7140japanese_4in1_cube_01.jpg Basically I will replace the white side with black and make the background of the cube silver. Each separate 'cubie' will have silver rows between them so you can make out what the design will look like. I never though to use magnets... I wonder if I got a pack of buckyballs if it would work to build this around them. getbuckyballs.com They probably are not strong enough if they don't touch being how tiny they are.
  8. parksddd

    Jap 8-2 Cube.

    At this point you would have a fabricated metal cube with chainmail accents instead of a chainmail cube though... If I am going to build one it is going to be chain with a bolt or two holding it together for the mechanism.. But I wouldn't mind seeing one if someone else made one the way you describe.
  9. parksddd

    Jap 8-2 Cube.

    I would agree that it is possible. I've created a few custom parts for some cubes before so I understand the mechanics well. The problem I see is with the rings catching on each other during rotation. They need to touch to hold the structure together but if they are to tight then the rings will slip together and lock up. I'm not in any rush to build something functional I was just wondering if someone else already did the engineering work to make it turn correctly. Besides I already put together one 'cubie' out of the 27 needed to make a cube in my design, and it weighs more then a standard rubik's cube already... The full size one would be so heavy you wouldn't want to play with it.
  10. parksddd

    Jap 8-2 Cube.

    We must have had the same idea at the same time. I ordered supplies for a rubik's cube a few days ago and now I stumbled across your thread on the updated forum. Have you thought of a way to make it functional or are you making it a sculpture? Currently my design involves 3400 rings or so but I ordered twice as much as needed and I might try and make something functional with the leftovers.
  11. parksddd

    New online tool idea. I just need data.

    lol. Thanks for the links but I think they are a little more then I am looking for in this data. Both of you are over complicating this problem. I'm not asking for exact measurements of strength for each individual alloy. I want to know, generally, if 1/2 hard sterling is stronger then brass considering the same guage and size. Or if 1000 AA rings weighs more then the same number of Inconel. These measurements, while less precise then the ones provided in the links above, are going to allow people who have never dealt with specific metals know how they compare to ones they are familiar with. The weave to ring size suggestion tool is going to obviously need a specific dataset to work. I feel that the TRL data is a good candidate. People that are cutting their own rings are generally not ones who would be interested in a tool to suggest which rings to buy anyway. If I decide I want to make some JPL I want the system to tell me: What options I have for rings directly from the dataset. How many of those rings I need for a 7 inch bracelet How 'beefy' the bracelet will look on an arm (the other dimensions) What material the rings are with comparisons to other metals How heavy i can expect it to be Material costs from suppliers (if i get really ambitious) Charts comparing costs, ring counts, metals, relative strengths (super ambitious) I could see much of this data being user generated. If the system doesn't know how many rings per inch 18ga 1/8th requires a user could fill it in later. I don't know, but right now I am seeing what kind of support/interest there is in this kind of tool. I would just like to stop scouring the forum trying to find information about which ring sizes work for dragonscale or if a brass bracelet is anywhere near as durable as stainless.
  12. Greetings. Almost everything I have ever created has been made from stainless steel. As such I have little knowledge of all other metals. Does someone have or can we create a list of materials, their properties, and relative strength? I was thinking a simple list from top to bottom with the top being 'weakest' and the bottom 'strongest' with the consideration of rings being of a specific size. A 24ga stainless ring is probably more delicate then even the weakest 14ga Aluminum. If we considered a standard size such as 18ga 1/4 we could list them in order of strength. I was also hoping to list any allergens and relative weight as well. All my stuff is currently stainless as a precaution against nickel allergies. If we can put this data together I am sure I can find a place for it online that people like me can use to make educated decisions when placing orders. If we get all the data together I could even make it sortable based on strength, weight, allergy concerns, and whatever else we came up with. So... who has worked with all the different metals that would like to give me a hand? I also have an idea to make a listing of 'popular' weaves such as Basic Euro, Persian, and Japanese based on AR's. I've seen a list like this, but then I want to be able to click a link that will take me directly to rings that will work with that weave. The ring lord has an AR search but it is not specific enough for me.. I don't want to fill out the form I want to click JPL and find every stainless ring that will work in that pattern with a gauge of 16-20. Possibly this could work for multiple suppliers in the future, but for now I get all my supplies from TRL and I only code (outside of work) projects that benefit me directly. It also would not be terrible to know rings per inch or other such pertinent data on jewelry weaves, and possibly have links directly to tutorials. Ideas? Info? Data? *Disclaimer* I have no plans to make any money off of these tools. I simply wish to make my life easier and if it benefits any of you then that is just dandy.
  13. parksddd

    The Man of Steel!

    Digging up an old post of mine... I got my latest order from TRL and just couldn't help myself. After dubbing this guy 'the man of steel' I just had to give him a cape. He no longer sits up on his own as the cape is connected through his armpits, but if you put him on a keyboard he will keep you company for hours. I've decided to really build an army of these this time as we have decided to hand them out as party favors at our wedding.
  14. parksddd

    I need a better Camera - JPL 7

    Thanks for all the notes about a camera. The first picture was taken with a camera phone so I don't think there can be much improvement. This picture was taken with a slightly better camera though I think there is room for improvement. For your consideration... JPL 7
  15. parksddd

    I need a better Camera - JPL 7

    Well, nobody knows who I am... so I guess i will start there.. I've been doing this for a couple years... jewelry mostly. I work only in Stainless and TI... Everything I create is in a 'raw weave' form and I only make permy and semi-permy bracelets in that you cannot find a start or end to them (no clasps). I believe this adds to the beauty of the piece and many of my personal bracelets have special meaning dependent on the number of rings in the piece and the weave used. For example: I have what I call the 'perfect bracelet': It is a 18ga JPL made up of exactly 125 rings (perfect cube of 5). 3 'planes', 3 'fives', it has no begining or end and due to the fact that 125 is not a multiple of 3 it has a small twist in it. This causes the entire thing to resemble a 'mobius strip' of sorts and is kind of mind boggling to stare at for a while. Also if A=1, B=2, C=3 etc... then 125 is the addition of all the letters in my fiance's name. (I think too much into this) I've created a bracelet in almost every weave I have come across. I recently found the renderings of JPL 3-9... I don't have any AR~9 rings... so... This is my Jens Pind Linkage 7 bracelet... Sorry for the bad quality picture but until I find a better camera this is all I have. It is Stainless 22ga. I think it is 3/16ths. It is 308 rings around. If you decide to wrap your head around the impossible task of joining ends on JPL7 I wish you good luck... If do decide to do it at this scale, or god forbid smaller, I suggest buying good tweasers for the closing of the last 3 rings. Sorry for being long winded. After I find a better camera I will take some better pictures of this and the rest of my collection. If anyone wants to donate some Stainless rings in AR-9ish I'd be more then happy to continue the madness.