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  1. I cannot find a website feedback link or email, so I'm posting here - Blacksmith Alec Steele called out his use of MailleTec gloves in a recent YouTube video, but navigating to the site gives a 404 for the gloves detail page. Someone might want to fix that. https://youtu.be/knLoHKWTZ4Q?t=11m38s
  2. cohort

    INCUDO - Easy to use Inlay Designer

    BTW, IGP runs dandy under WINE on Linux.
  3. cohort

    INCUDO - Easy to use Inlay Designer

    Actually, GPL states that software with that license can be sold, as long as the GPL licensed portion of the source is made available for free. This is why there are three distributions of OpenOffice, why there are $50 android tablets with no access to the Play market, and so on.
  4. I get my black o-rings from a local industrial supply, and the little bit of rubber smell either goes away or is masked by the metallic smell from the metal rings I weave with after a wash. The colored epdm I got from TRL has less of a smell.
  5. My rubber doesn't smell funny. Give it a wash with dishsoap...
  6. cohort

    Need some "macho" pliers

    What you're looking for are called Lineman's Pliers, you can find them at any hardware store.
  7. cohort

    suggestions for the Visually Impaired

    I am farsighted and don't like wearing my glasses (they cause more eyestrain than they cure in endeavours such as these) so I maille by braille... What's the question?
  8. cohort

    ScaleMail bra instructable measurements

    See my response in Adult forum.
  9. cohort

    Using pliers without springs

    Think of it like a pair of chopsticks, only a lot easier. After a couple minutes, you will have wondered why you worried.
  10. cohort

    The old scale guide has been updated...finally.

    There is, actually... Select the text tool and right-click - it's near the top of the popup menu. Open/Libre Office outputs quality PDFs.
  11. cohort

    Stainless Steel Shot Ruined?

    Obviously, run the rice dry. ;-)
  12. cohort

    IGP help.

    Right, and for best quality, do this part before resizing the image.
  13. cohort

    galvanized wire discolored

    As galvy tarnishes, it ablates - that is, the zinc coating gets thinner. The steel wire underneath is nearly black, and the zinc coating is translucent - this is why it darkens up as it thins. You can't make the dark spots lighter, only the light spots darker - but it's real hard to get it to match.
  14. cohort

    IGP help.

    A few more points... 1 pixel = 1 ring. You really don't want to use a large image. Due to the way the rings hang, you'll want to make your source image wider - about 1.5-1.7x. You should probably do it in the order of squish first, then resize.
  15. cohort

    Long term darkening with Nickel Silver

    I just took a picture of it, judge for yourself (different lighting conditions, vastly superior camera). Same bracelet, 10 years on: