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  1. lorenzo

    Sterling Silver

    That ring size is going to be pretty strong, as long as it's loose fitting and non-supportive I don't foresee any issues. On the other hand, it's going to be much heavier than the 8-9 oz you originally posted.
  2. lorenzo

    Sterling Silver

    As long as it's soldered it won't deform under it's own weight. However it may deform as a result of strain from movement. Please post the ring sizes, the design, the temper of the wire and the relevant measurements for your wife if you want a more specific answer.
  3. lorenzo

    Sparkle Pulse Welder Connector?

    Hi Lunitari, sorry about the late reply I don't check this forum often. The connector you're looking for should be a GX12-2. https://www.amazon.com/Aviation-GX12-2-Female-panel-Connector/dp/B06ZZ5NJ65 As far as the welds go you do need argon for this type of welding with titanium and you're on the right track with a solenoid valve. It will also be helpful to have a laminar flow device and a cup to hold the argon around the weld area. Those will allow you to get good welds with a low flow rate and keep your gas usage to a minimum. I find it convenient to adapt TIG welding accessories for this type of setup. Be sure to set your gas nozzle pointing upwards, this will keep the argon from draining out under gravity between welds and you won't need to use as much gas to purge the lines each time.
  4. Hi Fenris, putting together the resistance welder kits was a lot of work for me and once we started MailleTec I just didn't have the time anymore. As far as I know there isn't anything comparable being sold anywhere but if you get in touch with me at MailleTec I can help you to build something similar.
  5. lorenzo

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    That definitely looks cleaner. I'm not a big fan of having a seam running the full breadth of the shoulder though, I much prefer to have only one or two reinforced connection points. Anyways I'm glad you found a style that works for you. Good luck with your mission, I did some work for NASA on the Mars InSight mission and I've never had to deal with such brutal deadlines before or since. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad for the experience but I might have to charge more if there's a next time.
  6. lorenzo

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    That's not really their purpose, a scale shirt should essentially be a sleeveless vest with sleeves added on. I haven't made a scale shirt with 45 degree seams for many years but here's how the last one looked.
  7. lorenzo

    Scale shirt 45 degree shoulders

    The problem you're having is that the front and back panels aren't connected together directly. Since they connect through the shoulder panels the weight of them pulls everything out of shape. Connect the top scales of the chest and back end to end and then build the shoulders off to the side of that.
  8. lorenzo

    How to cut rings

    Thank you, all the nonsense posts were irritating me. I guess I'm just a crotchety old man now.
  9. lorenzo

    How to cut rings

    I mean, this guy is obviously a bot. Right? Are there no active moderators left here?
  10. lorenzo

    So what were they?

    IIRC they were 1020 steel but it's been a long time since I made those. I'm guessing the tongs we designed to work with them sold out long ago. We made the drifting tool out of HSS drill blanks. Keep the piercing tip hard and draw the shank back to a blue color to prevent breakage. The piercing tongs needed about a 6:1 mechanical advantage to work easily.
  11. lorenzo

    I am merchant in chainmail and armor

    Also, you might want to have some sort of contact info if you expect potential buyers to be able to get in touch with you.
  12. lorenzo

    How to get the cleanest chainmail

    Take a good pair of heavy duty pliers and shorten the jaws to the minimum you need for your largest rings to get better leverage. A decent hacksaw should do the trick. Grind the surface of the jaws smooth, parallel and smooth any sharp edges. Any rotary tool should work fine to accomplish that. I like to modify the Knipex 20-160 pliers this way for larger rings. Here's a picture of my first set that are still going strong a decade later. http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/gallerydisplay.php?key=5515 For smaller rings you can do essentially the same mods to a smaller pair of pliers like the Knipex 35-12-115.
  13. lorenzo

    Making electrical wire non-tarnishing

    That's a bit tricky, electroplating is the best solution if you're up to it. Silver or gold being the most popular choices. You can kind of get a clear coat plastic to stick to finished chains if you do it just right but it's not ideal. Renaissance wax is a good solution but needs to be re-applied periodically.
  14. lorenzo

    Single sleeve scale mail

    I would suggest using leather for the straps, you can rivet the scales onto that. Straps made of scale material aren't, as a general rule, practical or comfortable.
  15. lorenzo

    How to handle seams

    Those are just the shoulder pieces and they do exactly what you're asking for. I don't have time to make a tutorial but there are a bunch of pictures of a piece in process and the finished results at the following link. https://www.facebook.com/pg/MailleTec-Industries-Inc-133364950086038/photos/?tab=album&album_id=760886937333833