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  1. lorenzo

    Making electrical wire non-tarnishing

    That's a bit tricky, electroplating is the best solution if you're up to it. Silver or gold being the most popular choices. You can kind of get a clear coat plastic to stick to finished chains if you do it just right but it's not ideal. Renaissance wax is a good solution but needs to be re-applied periodically.
  2. lorenzo

    Single sleeve scale mail

    I would suggest using leather for the straps, you can rivet the scales onto that. Straps made of scale material aren't, as a general rule, practical or comfortable.
  3. lorenzo

    How to handle seams

    Those are just the shoulder pieces and they do exactly what you're asking for. I don't have time to make a tutorial but there are a bunch of pictures of a piece in process and the finished results at the following link. https://www.facebook.com/pg/MailleTec-Industries-Inc-133364950086038/photos/?tab=album&album_id=760886937333833
  4. lorenzo

    How to handle seams

    This is how I do the seams on my scale pieces. As Konstantin mentioned seams aren't really required for maille vests, they serve more of a decorative function.
  5. lorenzo

    Scalemail Edge Stabilization

    You can get elastic cord from most fabric suppliers that will work okay but not great. The only other practical solution I've found is to arrange the scales exactly how you want them and then paint the backside of the mesh with urethane rubber or something similar. As Rob mentioned the best solution is to avoid straight horizontal edges entirely.
  6. lorenzo

    Stab proof shirt

    I just double checked the status of your e-mail, it went to our order desk instead of myself personally which caused a bit of delay. I just wanted to let you know that it didn't fall through the cracks and we'll get a reply sent out to you very shortly.
  7. lorenzo

    Restoring Chainmail that survived a house fire

    I'm not sure what to do about the attachments issue but you could try using an offsite image hosting service.
  8. lorenzo

    Stab proof shirt

    http://www.mailletec.com/content/medium-mesh-shirt This is the standard shirt that we sell, it's stab resistant but not stab proof, there's really no such thing as stab proof. These shirts are about twice as strong and somewhat heavier than the stuff used for sharksuits etc. We also sell the lighter stuff but it would need to be a custom order and I don't recommend it for your purposes.
  9. lorenzo

    Restoring Chainmail that survived a house fire

    Same, I don't see a picture. Tumbling is likely good advice for the mail shirt although with a small AR it might not have much effect. For the scale shirt and tie I would want to have a good look at them before making a recommendation.
  10. lorenzo

    Matte vs. Shiny Titanium

    If you buy wire instead of rings then shining it up is pretty easy, just pull the wire through some fine grit sand papers. Loose rings also tumble up sort of okay with steel shot in a rotary tumbler, they'll stay dull on the interior half. Run it with citric acid and detergent afterwards to remove iron contaminating the titanium surface. Alternatively you could also make titanium pin shot from wire. It works pretty well. Once the rings are woven they just won't move freely against each other due to the rough surfaces and tight weaves so tumbling is a no go at that point.
  11. lorenzo


    I've found heat shrink tubing to be a better solution than any other coating option. For myself I just smooth out the plier faces with some sandpaper and don't grip too tightly.
  12. lorenzo

    German Silver

    Hey Jamison, since nickel silver was originally developed to counterfeit Sterling silver it has a very similar appearance even when tarnished. If Sterling is out of your price range you might also consider silver filled or plated wire which is widely available.
  13. lorenzo

    Matte vs. Shiny Titanium

    Unfortunately titanium is normally acid etched at the mill after being drawn, this leaves it with a dull grey surface. The etching is very deep and can't be easily removed once the wire is made into rings. My best advice is to consider doing a subtle inlay or just randomize the new and old rings.
  14. lorenzo


  15. lorenzo


    My preference would be for the 1.25mm unless the wire is very soft, in which case the 1.6mm would hold up better at the cost of extra weight. I scanned the Merriway listings but didn't see the temper of the wire anywhere. It would be prudent to call them looking for more info or just get a small coil of each for testing first. I wouldn't recommend the 8-2 weave with butted galvy rings in any case, 4-1 will get you better results for less work IMO.