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  1. I really don't favour noisy animals, I like the quiet ones, budgies are borderline for me. I grew up on a farm where we had an exotic petting zoo with literally hundreds of animals, many of them living in the house. My least favorite were the doves, we had 4 ring-necked doves. The result was basically this video all night, every night, right next to my bedroom.
  2. I know, I used to keep budgies. Emphasis on the "used to".
  3. lorenzo

    Fine Silver Bracelet help

    Yeah, there's a lot of variation in wire tensile strength, even though they're supposed to be the same I'm pretty sure the sterling is still actually stronger.
  4. lorenzo

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Cool weave, looks like it would make a nice web.
  5. lorenzo

    Durability of wedding bands with 10k gold

    They look great, thanks for posting the picture to this thread.
  6. lorenzo

    28 gauge gold wire

    Yep, if you're in the states then Rio Grande is a good bet. Good luck with that soldering job, it's going to be tricky but I'd love to see pictures when it's done.
  7. lorenzo

    28 gauge gold wire

    Well, you're going to need to set the mail in a deep channel or solder it completely to the blank. With wire that thin on a finger ring even normal wear can crush and tear the rings. As far as suppliers go, where are you located? There's likely a jeweler's supply company in your area. I used to order small amounts of gold wire and findings from these guys, http://www.jwfindings.com/ but they're in Canada and you can likely find something closer.
  8. lorenzo

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    Just to be clear, argon gas is only really necessary for stainless if you're doing a loop-in-loop weave or an actual armour piece, although it does cut down on your polishing time by a lot. I don't ever recall doing loop-in-loop with 10k gold rings on a pulse arc welder, so I can't speak from experience. I know gold itself doesn't require a gas shield but I'm not positive about the alloying metals.
  9. lorenzo

    galvanized wire discolored

    Just FYI, you can also strip all the galvanize off afterwards and look into getting it re-coated. Black oxide and zinc chromate are both good candidates for already finished chainmail.
  10. lorenzo

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    Good observations, there's definitely a learning curve with these welders so your results will improve with time and practice. Here's my own commentary on them of points that likely aren't obvious to someone without a welding background. I hope you find it helpful. #1 That's true. It's a jewelry welder so you can't expect to use non- jewelry quality rings with good results. If you have a really good batch of machine/shear cut rings you can still get decent welds or you can use very thin filler wire to fill in the gaps. If the ends of your rings aren't actually, physically touching then don't expect the metal to flow together, it'll flow apart instead due to surface tension. #2 I would definitely recommend new hardware for the electrode base and cover, the stuff that's included with the welder is pretty rough and ready. Off the shelf TIG welding components work well and are inexpensive. New pliers are a good investment as well. TRL used to custom make their own hardware for pulse arc welders, I don't know if they have any interest in doing it again but it doesn't hurt to ask. #3 To keep your welds from getting brittle you need argon gas shielding. Proper post welding heat treatment for stainless steel and other ferrous alloys is also recommended. Even then the weld will never be quite as stong as the rest or the ring unless you get full penetration through the thickness of the wire.
  11. lorenzo

    Historic examples on maile

    I like to troll online auction houses for pictures, they're usually better than the museums and the pieces being shown are often more representative types than in museums. The majority of the images in my personal collection come from auction houses. Every once in a while you might also stumble onto a great find and snag it for yourself. With respect to museums I'd have to disagree with RAdesign. The real experts in the field of historical armour work almost exclusively for museums and almost all the knowledge that we have of the subject today trickled down from them. Some displays are outdated it's true, many are also composites but that doesn't mean there's nothing to be learned from them.
  12. lorenzo

    Durability of wedding bands with 10k gold

    It looks very good like that, but you might want the weave on the bias instead. The ring won't be as strong the way that you have it since any force will be concentrated on the row of rings in the center. The ones on the side don't contribute to it's strength at all but can still flip up and get caught on things.
  13. lorenzo

    Guide on Tumbling

    Yep, that's exactly the problem, the inner surfaces of the rings take a very long time to polish up and never really seem to get as shiny as the outer surfaces. That's why I prefer to polish rings after they've been woven.
  14. lorenzo

    womens scale vest.

    Sounds like you've basically got it. One caveat though, if there a big difference in the measurements between the bust and waist then you won't be able to just slip it on over your head. Even some guys have trouble with that, the only solution is a closure such as lacing, etc.
  15. lorenzo

    Guide on Tumbling

    Here's a video of one of the automatic ones, they're pretty magical. And a manual one that looks like it's designed for hobbyists. Definitely under $1000.
  16. lorenzo

    Guide on Tumbling

    You can buy a tumbler that automatically separates your parts from your media, they're a bit pricey though.
  17. You're welcome, I'm glad I could help.
  18. lorenzo

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    I think that the "PaleoBarefoots" manufacturer is supposed to be a secret but send me a PM and I'll let you in on it. Just to be clear about my previous post, I don't think these shoes are a bad idea, they're just very limited in application. In the right circumstances they can be perfectly acceptable as footwear.
  19. lorenzo

    Jewelry Welder

    Keep in mind that this isn't a replacement for a resistance welder, which makes much stronger welds and can be used with thicker wire. For any material thickness larger than approx 1/32" or 1mm you'll likely get a more reliable weld from a resistance welder. If you're making armour you should get one of those as well. These pulse arc welders are great for making strong, attractive looking welds in smaller sizes of rings. They can also be used to make good cosmetic welds in larger sizes. The absolute best thing about these welders is that they can do more than just rings, rounding the ends of ear wires is just the beginning. They have 90% of the versatility of a laser welder that costs 40x as much. You can use them to manufacture your own findings, repair settings and even finish wire wrapping. They can almost totally replace soldering. They're incredibly versatile and anyone who's seriously interested in making jewelry should get one.
  20. lorenzo

    5th grade homeworld ... non-chainmail

    It's a pretty poor critical thinking exercise that asks for commonalities between actual things when the desired answer is some insignificant bit of trivia about the English spelling of the words that represent those things. Homework like this is a good example of the reasons that most kids don't develop good technical and creative skills in school.
  21. No, it's a solvent based cement so it evaporates as it cures leaving only the original plastic. You have to wait until it's fully cured though because it'll be giving off fumes until then. You might find it easier to cement the rings after annealing, too much solvent while they're still under tension will cause them to soften and deform.
  22. lorenzo

    Spam Zapper Volunteer

    Yay, third place!
  23. Incidentally, although Dimethicone is safe for human contact it has some very annoying properties. It's a silicone oil that chemically attacks many plastics and contaminates wood and metal surfaces. You've already seen what it can do to plastic. It can totally ruin fine wood furniture by causing a condition known as "fisheye". On metal it leaves a sticky film that's difficult to remove which collects dust and especially makes chainmail look dull and grey.
  24. Working with plastic rings is pretty new for everyone I think, we just have to learn and adapt our techniques as we go. The ingredient Dimethicone in your hand lotion does attack polycarbonate. You're likely getting more frequent failures than anyone else has reported because of that but annealing should still help resolve it. It's probably a good idea to wash the lotion off of them first. Once the rings have stress fractured they should probably be replaced. It might be possible to cement the cracks but I really don't know how effective that would be and it's likely not worth the hassle. Reputedly the best cement for use with polycarbonate is called "Weld-On 3" it's widely used for bonding acrylic as well.