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    unuseual testimonial.

    Awesome, good to hear you're feeling better, and that your stuff held up. I've seen quite a bit of armor for slashers and loggers made from maile but the vast majority is aramid based. That's actually what I like most about my job, making armor that really works.
  2. lorenzo

    CIR cuff 2

    Awesome, I had to do a triple take to make sure it wasn't CG.
  3. lorenzo

    CIR(2) Necklace

    It's really quite a feat getting silver to work with CIR at that size, I don't like your odds of getting it to work with 24g. Maybe if you switch to one captive ring and have access to a set of undersize mandrels, that would make the weave slightly less stiff at a smaller aspect ratio.
  4. lorenzo

    two pounds only

    Try Japanese 4-1 it'll get you a lot farther, still, sounds like a stretch to me.
  5. lorenzo

    Inspiration for your Aspirations (aka really cool shirt)

    Well it's nice to know that after all that time I spent making those damn rings, the shirt is really nice. All special ordered to +-0.001" ID. I figure after all that work he should have at least welded them.
  6. You don't need to make the entry out of ULAR rings, any rings can be used.
  7. lorenzo

    cleaning scale

    I clean my brass scale shirt with a quick dip in a tub full of diluted lemon juice and then a rinse. Works great but if it's too strong it can leave a pink tinge.