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  1. BTW I just went and took a look, that is a very impressive chain and opal. It looks to me like its a black boulder opal but the pattern is reminiscent of fossilized turritella shells.

    If you were to do a dragonfly in a tube form I think that like your chain would be the best way to do it. It would make the dragonfly tail jointed and slightly flexible much like in life. Would be awesome for pendants and earrings.

  2. you don't want to know how long it takes a professional with professional equipemnt to make a welded vest. You would weep.

    Good point, so I'll have to tell him. :)

    The last welded shirt I made, which was a size large with short sleeves, took me exactly one hour.

    Even weaving by hand I can churn out a vest in a few days.

  3. Almost all of the employees of TRL weave, except two and they aren't on the forum. However it's a bit different when you do it for a living. As a general rule I don't post pictures of things I make for clients, It's not good business ethics. Also, most of the pieces I make don't really merit any special attention. Of the literally hundreds of euro 4-1 shirts that I've made I've only ever posted pictures of the first one.

  4. The rings on that shirt are all stamped and coined, but I believe that there are different inscriptions on each side.

    I'm fairly sure that the language is Slavonic and Cyrillic based, all versions of futhark that I am familiar with were dead by about 1200 AD and the shirt is 16th century. I've compared it with Danish, Rok, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon futharks which I think are the most likely candidates

    My own personal linguist is currently working on a translation of the provenance supplied by the curators. I'll post the results here when I get them.

  5. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1312534&id=698015934&l=b9a8a

    Rivetted and butted? ..wth?

    Great shot .. I am thinking the maker created the armor then opened them to attach to whatever its hangging on ?

    Nice to know somethings never change :)

    As far as I could tell when I was there, those rings were originally some odd type of riveted thing. It looks like they were sawn in half with a jewelers saw opposite the rivets, probably so the maille could be removed for restoration work and then reattached.

  6. Heat anodizing Ti is easy, use a butane torch or just throw it on a stove burner, getting consistent color is not so easy. You will need a kiln or heat treating oven for very precise temperature control. It's not done very often so there are no charts floating around, doing it electrically is just easier. Any commercially pure Ti that you heat anodize up to or beyond the color blue will become dead soft annealed, alloys are not affected.

    There is no difference in the quality of anodizing between electrical and heat, only the consistency.

    FYI, the anodized layer of Ti is titanium oxide, so Ti will not anodize without the presence of oxygen. This means that your welds are contaminated, you need to use more argon in your shielding mix or you risk brittle fracture.

  7. I was really amazed by the many different styles of rings, seems like a battlefield research experiment. If only the few preserved pieces that I've seen show so much diversity Imagine all the beautiful and unique pieces that rusted away. I think the centurions belt was particularly interesting. Sort of like a cross between shaggy loops and J4-1 but made in the 4th Cent BC.

  8. Did you by chance see the hauberk with all the interesting ornamental stars and bits, I think it was in a room with some horse barding?

    Nope, I missed that, the armory was closed on the day I visited the castle. :( That happened about half a dozen times over the course of my trip, usually only with things I really wanted to see. You should ask your dad to get some pictures for the rest of us. :)

  9. I've consolidated most of my vacation photos of maille and organized them into facebook albums. Everyone should definitely have a look there is some very interesting and spectacular stuff in there.

    Provenance for most items is there, but some were unmarked. I'll add some commentary to the individual photos as I get the time.




  10. Interesting information thank you. My belt is entirely Ti, my watch and USB drive are mostly Ti.

    I also couldn't take my pliers in my carry on, even though they are not specifically forbidden it is apparently up to the judgment of the screener. It is also somewhat dependent on size, the smaller the tools the more likely you are to be allowed to keep them.

    I did a lot of traveling, I went to Russia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech republic, Germany, France and Italy, with a quick stop in England on the way home.