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  1. Well I'm back from my trip, I've been through metal detectors in 8 airports and 6 museums across Europe and north America while wearing over a pound of titanium, not once did it set off the detectors. However I did have problems with other bits of metal, a bobby pin in my wallet, a key or a coin in my pocket, even the eyelets in my boots would set off the more sensitive ones. The bulk of the Ti was an Alpha alloy, but I also wore some grade 2 CP and some Beta alloy.

    Strangely enough though the stainless steel garotte that I was wearing didn't set off the metal detectors either. I have no idea why, I was expecting it to. Any ideas?

  2. Lorenzo,

    If I do, I'll credit you. Hm, maybe I should go ahead and run it through my tool-making process and send you a fixture based on it. :)

    What size should it be? The one you're holding is pretty large...

    Well, if I'm going to be credited I think I'd better put a little more work into it and make something more presentable. :) Don't bother making me a tool for it, truth to be told I have way more projects than I'll ever be able to complete already, but I appreciate the offer.

    The one in the picture is made from 1/8" wire, just what I had laying around. Probably go with a more jewelry friendly size. I figure about an inch across is good for earrings and pendants but you might want a ladies opinion on that if you're stuck with one size for it.

    It also occurs to me that if you tweak the proportions slightly this design goes from butterfly to dragonfly. Maybe I'll draw that up.

  3. I like your design too lorenzo. Minor quibble, it needs longer antennae, those aren't proportional enough to the body.

    I know, I ran out of wire, I had a random length of wire laying around with the ends already curled like that so I used it.

  4. Lorenzo: That's sweet! Nice job of implementing the graphic in wire.

    Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.

    Just curious: where did you get the graphic? I was looking for something like that, before.

    Just something I made in Microsoft paint, took about 15 minutes. Feel free to use it if you like.

  5. Ok, just thought I'd ask first.

    Forgive the crudeness of my work, I've never really completed any wire knots before and in retrospect I'm pretty sure I have absolutely no idea how they're done. I'm thinking you don't just start weaving it freehand and expect it to turn out halfass symmetrical.

    The picture shows what I wove last night after seeing your butterfly, the Paint graphic is what I was actually going for. After Spending an hour trying to get the design from my head into real life I wasn't about to start again, besides I kind of like them both.



  6. Wow! That is a sweet machine, makes the ones we use at TRL look like total crap. If I had access to one of those I could make every maillers wet dreams come true.

    First things that comes to mind is mobius ball shaped split rings, they would look awesome and be almost as strong as welded rings due to the # of turns involved. Polygon shaped rings would be child's play. If I'm judging the feed system right based on that picture then twisted wire rings are also doable, possibly even with interlocking snap together closures. lots and lots of custom designed clasps and findings would be possible too.

    In my opinion, it looks like the problems with their maille have nothing to do with the machine, looks like the operators and assemblers just don't care if the finished products look crappy. With enough skill and attention to detail I bet they could put us all out of business within a month.

  7. Looks good, I love the maple/walnut combo, makes a good ice cream flavour too. :) Personally I prefer a much larger border though, a place to put drinks and snacks without interfering with the game area. Your squares are too small for this, but in my opinion the best looking chessmen are glass power pole insulators.

    You can also do a pretty awesome party game by replacing the men with various beverages that you have to drink when you take a piece. The more pieces you win the drunker you get and the harder it is to keep winning. Timed turns are a good idea. Success with this game depends heavily on the type of crowd you invite, most people can't play chess sober.

  8. Cool thanks, had one of these a few years back and lost it:sigh: now I can get a new one. I liked it to open rings kept me from droping and picking up a set of duck bills

    The first rule of chainmaille is "never put your pliers down."

  9. Nicely done with the contractions to hold the stone in place.

    And holy crap, look at that amber! That is an amazing piece, no offense meant but are you sure it's real? It's huge, decent color, very clear, and has an included insect, well cut and centered. Have you had it appraised?

  10. Very impressive, I especially like the bishop. While technically very challenging I think the look of the rook lacks that certain je ne sais quoi. Like perhaps it just doesn't fit in with the rest of the designs. Still that will be a stunning set when it's done.

    Have you ever considered doing a Jap vs Euro themed board? That would be awesome, do everything the same color and non-maillers would have no idea how to play.