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  1. Actually I think the only real restraint shown was by me not posting the pictures with the pants on my face on teh internets... yet. Also you might notice I left my boxers on.

    But yeah, people are always commenting about my restraint just the other day Jessica said I had a whole order of restraint.

    On the contrary, Jessica Alba has quite publicly said that she thinks there is nothing wrong with girls sleeping around as much as they like, and that she likes to a lot. She even sent out a list of rules for all prospective one-night stands, on national television. Including classy items like, the guy has to be gone in the morning, and not clingy.

    This would explain the ragged 2 foot gash in the crotch of said pants, my first guess was "shark fanboys with wirecutters".

  2. Looks pretty good, very close to the look of the effigies, however if you look closely you'll find that the part under the chin should actually be a flap that attaches with laces on one side and rings on the other to the cap of the coif.

  3. Awesome, good to hear you're feeling better, and that your stuff held up. I've seen quite a bit of armor for slashers and loggers made from maile but the vast majority is aramid based. That's actually what I like most about my job, making armor that really works.

  4. It's really quite a feat getting silver to work with CIR at that size, I don't like your odds of getting it to work with 24g. Maybe if you switch to one captive ring and have access to a set of undersize mandrels, that would make the weave slightly less stiff at a smaller aspect ratio.