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  1. glassman

    Full Persian Necklace

    Very nice! What size rings are you using? (I am assuming a 5.5 AR)
  2. glassman

    Project Evening

    Very sexy!
  3. glassman

    Silver and GF LadderByz by Lawless Lady

    Wow! I'm a returning mailler (I've been out of it for a while) and I'm checking back. I remember when TRL was relatively new. I did the same exact weave and poted a pis of it on this forum. I think that I might have been the first to do this. It was about 6 or 7 years ago. Hmmm. Did you first see this weave on this forum?
  4. glassman

    Gearscale 2

    Wow! That is awsome!
  5. glassman

    Rivetted shirt for a young knight

    Absolutley incredible! Actually, I though that they were purchased machine made rings. Great job!