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    Jewelry weave recomendations

    So I have recently come into possesion of a good bit of 20ga 5/32 annodized aluminum, 18ga 5/32 annodized aluminum, and 20ga 3/32 annodized titanium. I was looking for some recommendations on jewelry weaves that I could use them for. As far as the titanium, I have sterling in sizes 20ga 7/64, 20ga 1/8, 18ga 1/8, 19ga 1/8, 18ga 7/32, and 20ga 3/32 and annodized niobium in 20ga 3/32 and 20ga 1/8 that I can combine it with. I'm kind of looking for some different weaves to experiment with, so figured I'd ask here. Was thinking of trying the honeybee weave, but wasn't sure of the exact aspect ratio. I'm not really stuck on any one thing that I'm trying to make, so bracelet, earrings, necklace, whatever. Thanks for any help!
  2. donny.1

    where to find glass bead pendent?

    You could make your own out of wide enough bezel strip.
  3. donny.1

    Some things finally finished.

    That looks great. I have been working on putting some of the akoya pearls in a byzantine, but I work in a jewelry store and even at there price there not cheap. Looks great though. And the tao dragon tail looks like a weave I'm gonna have to try.
  4. donny.1

    Machine Cut easy or hard

    Make sure to wear a mask. Or do what I do to cut down on metal dust and get an IV bag of saline from a vets office, cut open the top and fill with machine oil. Hang the line so that the oil constantly drips down on the blade and front section of the coil. This will also extend the life of your blades when cutting harder metals, since is handles lubrication and cooling. A mask is still a good idea though, ecspecially when cutting galvy.
  5. donny.1

    3 strand ring

    Looks great. I have some questions though. 1. What size is it? 2. Did u have a target size in mind? 3. If u hit your target size, did you use some kind of formula to figure out how, or was it just trial and error?
  6. donny.1

    Carolina Renfaire

    My wife and I are normally there at least one weekend, sometimes two. Any way, send a pm about which weekend and what time and place, and we'd love to meet up.
  7. donny.1

    Turks head knot rings

    Always wanted to try these, and finally found the time. On the right, a 5 lead 6 bite in a size 11, and on the left a 5 lead 9 bite in a size 9, both 24 gauge galvanized steel. Will have some done in precious metals soon since the practice is about over with base metals.
  8. So a jewelry store near me shut down, and I went down there to see what kind of stuff I might be able to get from the guys that were deciding what to throw away and what to keep and try and sell (think they were from the bank, and the stuff was being reposesed). Anyway, they decided that it wasn't worth there trouble to keep a 25 amp electroplating machine (pretty sure it was used for rhodium plating, if that helps), and the guy in charge gave it to me in exchange for a sterling bracelet for his wife (20 g 3/32 in ID JPL). I got some other goodies from him to, but I was wondering if anyone knew if the plating machine could be used to annodize titanium and niobium pieces after they were constructed for the purposes of achieving a rainbow effect. I've done my own annodizing in the past, but with rigs made for that purpose, and I wasn't wanting to just try it and risk ruining the machine. Does any modification have to be done to it to annodize with it, or does it need to be done any certain way? I haven't had the time or the guts to take the casing off yet and see if the insides look like an annodizing rig or not, with all the same parts and everything, but I'll probably be doing that in the next few days, so thanks for any help!
  9. donny.1

    Something for my best friend!!

    I used half persian 3 in 1 sheet 6 for my shepperd, and had no problems with it pulling hair or anything like that. I used stainless and silicone bronze, and made sure that there was spring tension on the rings holding them shut. I got a lot of compliments on it, too.
  10. donny.1

    Red niobiIum in special size

    I'm looking for annodized niobium in as close to red as I can get it, in 20 gauge (0.032',' 0.81 mm) 7/64 in (0.11'', 2.8 mm) ID. I dont really care if they are saw cut or not, as long as they aren't distorted and are cut well. Willing to trade. Thanks.
  11. donny.1

    Thanks Spider!

    Would you mind dropping the link to the ebay page where you got them? I've had a lot of people asking about magnetic clasps latley, but the only kind I've ever used have fallen apart as well.
  12. donny.1

    Coloring Stainless (Heat?), Please Help!!

    You might try giving these guys a call and seeing what they can do for you, and they may even be able to provide with the stuff to do it yourself. You might also be able to find a local distrubitor of there products. If all else faile, go to a local machine or plating shop and talk to them. There usually pretty nice, helpful people. http://www.heatbath.com/
  13. donny.1

    Do you make your rings, or buy them?

    I power wind and hand cut everything but precious metals and annodized stuff. That having been said, I used to be a machinist, so I have or can get mandrels in all the same size TRL can, and all of my cutters are heavily modified to give the best possible cut, some even better than TRL's machine cut. I used to have my own saw cut rig, and used to do all my own annodizing as well, but I stopped that when I found TRL. So I used to make 100% of all my rings, and it's good to know I can go back to that if I need to, but as far as time is concerned it's better for me to buy the annodized and saw cut stuff that I need.
  14. donny.1

    coloring rings

    No you can't, because any type of handling will damage the layer, so it has to be sealed soon after it is annodized.
  15. donny.1

    After a few hours of cleaning...

    Cover your roof in bright aluminum, and do the worlds largest inlay. Might make a good business sign to.