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  1. lamw

    Hexagon scales

    Does anyone know where i can buy hexagon shaped scales???
  2. lamw

    large scales combined with E4in1

    I'm gonna try again this weekend :-) I have tried with the 5/16" rings. When i don't get it right i will post a picture to let you see the problem.
  3. I have been trying to combine a E4in1 pattern with large scales without succes. Can anyone give me a tip / hint on which size of ring is best to do so??
  4. lamw

    wearable items with

    Does anyone here have experience with rings in the size AA1814 18ga 1/4'' for wearable items such as a bikini in an E4in1 pattern ?? I'm wondering how strong these rings are for such purposes. And if they can be combined with any epdm rings.
  5. lamw


    Is there anyone who made it easier to open or close a large amount of rings other than using two pliers? I mean the lose rings not if you are putting them together in an object. I'm using a lot of AB16516 rings and was wondering about this while working on a skirt.
  6. lamw

    New Products! Including Tags!

    i have been making a skirt with tags like this but it was a hell of a job to drill 4 holes in it (no corners you know). Can you do something like that so i can use them in combination with the other chainmaille stuff
  7. has not set their status

  8. lamw

    First Show & More!!

    very nice work, succes with sales
  9. lamw

    Sunrise in Scales

    in found the first photo's very nice but seeing the close-ups and how you made this amazing. Vey beautifull choice of colors
  10. lamw

    What size should my stock have!?

    When i started in bought some rings by thequeenring in Holland in simple aluminium and after that some coloured stuff. Even tried some scales. You always have some extra rings and i combine those with al colors i have. I buy them at thequeenring stand at a fair and even some by postorder. Over a period you get some differetn rings to just experiment. Now i have an idea for a large project and maybe i buy the rings directly from TRL but first i'm gonna ask thequeenring if he can make a special price.
  11. lamw

    chainmail or chainmaille

    I'm reading two different ways of mail but is it chainmail or chainmaille. Or is it both possible. On wikipedia i only find chainmail Who knows???
  12. lamw

    TRL's small scales.

    Very nice work, but i always wonder which way the scales should be in. The way you wear they look upside down to me. I've made a little handflower with that has the scales the other way round. Does anyone know which is the "right" way? Or is this something for your own taste??
  13. lamw

    First timer (picture heavy)

    Nice, keep up the good work
  14. lamw


    just a necklace http://modellennet.be/picture_det.php?pid=483558
  15. I see you're talking about two calendars. Is there any need for pictures or are the months filled up? I have permission from a model but if the members of the forum can fil it that would be better.