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  1. hakkikt

    Welding/Soldering Stainless rings

    Why do you feel the need to weld the rings at all? In my experience, using butted rings works just fine on scalemaille, and I have done quite a bit of it (small scales, 18g3/16" butted rings). Never had a case where a scale slipped from a ring or anything like that.
  2. hakkikt

    What's your weaving speed?

    I once clocked my weaving speed during a rather uninteresting lecture - I guess that should be equivalent to weaving while watching TV etc. What I did was: start weaving a E4in1 piece (SS20532)... continue until end of lecture... count rings in completed piece. Result was 2 rings/minute = 120 rings/hour.
  3. hakkikt

    My Blood elf outfit at DragonCon2010

    Very hot indeed. You make an excellent Blood Elf, and the armour stuff is nicely done.
  4. hakkikt

    What Does Inconel Look Like?

    Interesting. So is what they call "Inconel X" different from Inconel? Most of the X-15 test aircraft was build from Inconel X, and it looks very black in natural metal. No paint.