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  1. eternaljwh

    Holy Crap, it's snowing!!!

    Been snowing here the last week, alternating with sunny 50-degree days and cold windy ones.
  2. eternaljwh

    Lots of newbie stuffs.

    Um, first, those "earrings'" rings are 32-34mm ID or so. I have been at this off and on for a few months...so here're the other half of what I've been at. Two [20g 4.25mm, which works out to about 3/16"] J12-2 copper triangles, one with the earlier 20g 8 mm [a little under 3/8"] through the top half in one of my stabilization attempts, which is just a little short on room of being able to turn into E4-1 itself, the other having a cell of CIR at the top that's hard to see, since I couldn't capture the disks nicely in the japanese weave itself. Third, a triangle of 18-2, same sizes as above,[20g EC 4.25mm/8mm] except the middle ring of each connector is 24ga 4.25mm of some "silver-colored" wire the material of which I am unsure, and outer being 20g copper. And last, some CIR segments in 20g copper and 20g "silver-color" wire from craft store, with the captives being the small brass discs and the small nickel-plated steel discs from TRL.
  3. eternaljwh

    Lots of newbie stuffs.

    First is the inlay I'm working on, along with the pattern it's based off [using green for the background]. Euro 6-1 20g 8mm EC rings mostly, if I remember the size of the knitting needle correctly, with a few 20g4.25 mm to hold the different-sized rings I picked up at the bead store for the right color. On a side note, the EC white is far flimsier than the rest...I'm thinking I'm going to drop one color just so it'll hold its own weight. Second is some split-ring and hematite dragon's tail...um...straps? Not sure what to call these. Some more bead/craftstore jumprings holding the headpins on and connecting the large rings to the dragonstail... Third is the 4-1 bracelet that was my first thing. I know the closures are crud. It's...supposedly 20g plastic-covered copper, from a "kid-safe wire fun" pack that was lying around when I decided to try mailling. Fourth, my glovish thing which is Japanese 6-1 mostly with occasional reinforcement/contraction/expansion, screwbarrel clasps to go under the thumb, and 1-1 to go between fingers, and some extra rings to hold the yinyang charm in place. [Also EC, also 20g 8.25/4.25mm] Fifth is one of two basically identical E8-1 cuffs with a HP5-1 border. I have a better picture minus two rows, but I spotted a weave error or three and had to fix 'em. Have mercy. Esp. on those diagonal-cut rings.
  4. eternaljwh

    Natasha and Delilah Necklaces

    Me too?
  5. eternaljwh

    Anybody have....

    In spirit of motorcyclemama's post, M.A.I.L. - Maille Artisans International League - Articles, click weaves
  6. eternaljwh

    Got my first order!

    In my first order, everything's easily discernable... though I haven't figured out which are the nickel-plated steel and which are the stainless-clad aluminum discs...
  7. eternaljwh

    Depression sucks........

    It brings my opinion of human nature back from the brink to see some of these things. Been there for years...not fun. Taking a break from college for this reason.
  8. eternaljwh

    horse chain armor

    Well, I don't know specialized sources...I just know that the word you want is "barding". If D&D memory serves.
  9. eternaljwh

    Period scale construction.

    Legba's first link has a paragraph on lorica plumata...not very detailed, but it says what it is. I have no idea.
  10. eternaljwh

    Colors help, questions..

    Oh. *squints* I see it now. It goes down two, up one instead of down for all three. Thing is, it's already E8-1. ...Is there a HP5-1? Would that be coming up through the left three The search function is refusing to take "5-1" or any of five, in, or one... ...and it doesn't look likely, when HP 4-1 goes down through eye, comes up through eye...Oh. *finds a pic of HP 2+3-1 in gallery, by sakredchao* Left-up-2, down in right three. *scuttles off to work* Whee! I made some HP5-1!
  11. eternaljwh

    Colors help, questions..

    Thanks for that...on a different note, I've been poking around Maille Artisans' tuts and I can't see how a 2-row E6-1 is different from HP3-1, [or 8-1 vs 4-1, etc.] except from aspect ratio being about 1 tighter so the rings have to stay overlapped. Am I right, or am I a confused newbie? edit: And is thread necromancy [reviving old topics] frowned upon around here?
  12. eternaljwh

    Colors help, questions..

    I'm working on an inlay and I ran into a problem-I don't have any dark gray. I ordered some wire from TRL, but the EC gunmetal roll I ordered turned out to, in light, reveal their coppery brown, if much darker than normal...Worse, I'm colorblind. [And before you ask, yes, I had someone who isn't confirm the brown-ness.] Black, white are simple ones, as is the light gray as then I can just use "normal metal" color wire...but dark gray [and preferably still shiny like the rest] I don't seem to have. I haven't puzzled out which color's which in the EC sampler I just got today yet. Suggestions? edit: >< I'm a newbie, should this be over in Industry? And is it impossible to delete posts around here?
  13. eternaljwh

    New User Thread

    Following the suggestion, posting here...It actually took me a while to find anything online but 4-1 tutorials, then I found TRL, then MAIL...started with colored copper/brass [At least, what it claims to be. It's cheap craft wire...] winding around knitting needles, 20g at something like 8mm ID...pliers hardly needed. On another note, the small punch-discs from TRL that're unreasonably cheap fit well as the captives in CIR of 20g 4.25mm ID...