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  1. Shadowstar


    I would like to thank Phong and Muirgheal for being such wonderful hosts. The Wife and I had a great time, and many thanks again for the patience with our son. Hopefully we can hold another gathering at our house once the remodeling is done.
  2. Shadowstar


    I'll run it by the wife this evening if i remember. Sunday should not be much of an issue i dont think. Will post once i get the all clear from the wife.
  3. Shadowstar


    Im right across the valley from Phong. I'm over in Troy Hill so it may be possible for me to stop by. Iron out the info and i will run it past the wife to see if she wants to go too. We are both beginners at maille so it should be fun to get together.
  4. Shadowstar

    TRL target group research (school project)

    Gender: Male Age: 21-30 Country: USA Material: Aluminum Reason: started with Fantasy/LARPing but progressed from there
  5. Shadowstar

    Is Batman Really A Super Hero or Just A Super Human?

    It is not what one can do that makes them Super, it is what they DO that does.
  6. Shadowstar


    As it is only 9am here now, I can not raise a real one to him, but tonight be assured I will. To TJ!
  7. Shadowstar


    You have my deepest condolances. To roughly quote someone who i cat remember at the moment, but... "No parent should ever have to bury thier own child." I have lost family members to cancer myself, but i could never imagine the pain I would feel to lose my son.
  8. Shadowstar

    The End of the World

    The solution to the problem is.... ...Hasenfeffer! Eat them before they eat you!
  9. Shadowstar

    Making a new website... opinions?

    there is a slight color dicrepency around the texas logo on my screen. May be due to the fact that it looks like a photo and true black is easier with the computer, the pic is a very dark gray, near black.
  10. Shadowstar

    Making a new website... opinions?

    ok... ignore the border comment... went back to screen shot it and now it seems to be gone...
  11. Shadowstar

    Making a new website... opinions?

    The pic looks good to me, maybe a bit small, but I use a large monitor. Having it as a link to a larger pic would be a good idea in my opinion. Side note, left sidebar image. The ring pattern looks like it went to repeat again on the right edge of the image, you can see the tips of the rings. They stood out to me with the dark background around it. Wasn't sure if that was mentioned above and just wanted to let you know.
  12. Shadowstar

    Last day of being single

    Congrats.. It's a wonderful thing. The wife and I have our 5th Anniversary comming up in August and it's been great. Hope to hear from ya when you hit your 5th, and hope you say the same. Have one on me.
  13. Shadowstar

    And now, for a bit of Culture...

    Absolutely Brilliant
  14. Shadowstar

    Metal reactions w/ skin

    I have been asked to make a bracelet for a very young child (19Mo) and wanted to know if the AA and BA I was going to use would cause any types of reaction with her skin. The mother does have metal allergies and I dont know if they are hereditary, and not sure if aluminum is a common allergy metal. My major concern is just the fact that she is so young if contact with metal would be an issue, If so should I go Niobium to help prevent any reaction. It will only be worn on occasion, not like I am making a Permy for a kid. We also offered him lifetime extensions for the bracelet as she gets older. Any input would be helpful, dont want to make something that will irritate the childs skin.
  15. Shadowstar

    WIP Shirt

    A certain Jackalope who love to bound around. :beer: