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  1. Mas


    Jon, where did you find the Mexican?!
  2. Mas

    Mailer in Orange County Choppers

    Dang Ed, you caught me. My joking and insults were really just a transparent attempt to hide my jealousy...
  3. Mas

    Mailer in Orange County Choppers

    Hmm, I'm trying really hard not to make some cheap reference to your secret garden... oops
  4. Mas

    historical scalemaille?

    Ahhh man, what if it is 'my fantasy' armour?? You sexy beast you!
  5. Mas

    Mailer in Orange County Choppers

    A love child between ED and Guido.... dear sweet baby jesus, please smite either one to avoid the soul wrenching terror that inevitably would devour the land. Oh and long time no see...
  6. Mas

    saw cutting help

    For 16g rings (unless you are planning very low ID's like 3/16") I would use the 0.01" jewelers slotting saw blades (code KXSAWBLADE10). I'd also recommend getting the bulk deal if you can afford it. You'll use a fair number of blades getting your set up tuned, and even just cutting with stainless. Lots of lube and don't let things heat up too much and they will last much longer
  7. Mas

    need help please

    jboymj - if you really want to do some coin maille, there are a couple places you could start. The weave you've drawn looks like Jap 6in1 so you could start by playing around with different ring size combos until you get one that gives a unit of approximately the same size as your coins. Keep in mind, the space of the small connector rings determines the amount of space between coins. Figure that out, then play with the size of flat rings to adjust 'unit size' (you will probably be replacing an entire 7 ring unit, i.e. 6 rings around a central). From there it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out where to drill the holes in your coins/plates. If that doesn't make sense or is sounding like a giant pain the the nether type regions... Buy a sample of "Oriental 6 in 1 with plates" from right here at The Ring Lord - order code SMOR6IN1P. Save you most of the work and costs only $10.10 The third option is just more help on the first - gimmie a PM and I might actually pick up pliers in the first time for I'm not sure how long... ] Cheers Note: the jap 6in1 stuff is just for the bottom of the piece it seems - the top looks alot more like it is woven in the same fashion as TRL's scales. A note on using coins that way, AR is everything... if it isn't quite right the coins will not lay flat.