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  1. Tarazed


    Inlay completed for entry in the yearly show of the Nova Scotia Metal Arts Guild 2008. Won Best Piece in non-jewelry. Has 24,050 rings total, measures 12" by 7.25". Stainless is the background, 7 colors of titanium that I anodized. Ring size is 24g (0.02" or 0.5 mm) 1/16" ID. Weave is E4-1.

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    Captive Zen

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    other one that's still alive

    *hugs tight* Too much to say, but you probably know what I'd say Miss you lots, hope to see you on MSN or IRC sometime soon.
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    18+ Chat Room

    >>Someone got a case of E-Rage. Anyway little plebs like you would steal my design masterpieces. At least be consistent in your own thread, dude. You want a flame-fest, you got one. You want more adult discourse, you threw that one off the rails yourself, so don't blame anyone else.
  5. Tarazed

    Hover inlay

    It won Best Piece in the Non-Jewelry category, but not the overall Best Piece in Show. It was the first award of the night, and I had a total stunned look on my face, apparently. Thanks muchly
  6. Tarazed

    Hover inlay

    Thanks everyone I'll add more pictures tomorrow of closeups of the finished piece, and maybe one draped across my arm/hand to show the incredible flexibility of this weave. Cynake, there's this close up from while it was in progress:
  7. Tarazed

    Hover inlay

    Well, those on #trl will recognize this, since I tortured them with progress pictures and reports for the better part of 6 months last year. This is an inlay I made to put into the Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia yearly show in the provincial art gallery last October. As you can see, I won a prize! $100 was the cash portion of it. The entire show got to sit in the Gallery for a month. Stats are 24116 rings, stainless and 7 colors of titanium, all anodized by me. There are 24,050 rings in that inlay. As seen hanging here, it is 10-3/4" wide by 7-5/8" tall, or 27.5 cm x 19.5 cm. I had a price on it of $2,250, but sadly it didn't sell. Probably due to the quite last-minute display method I used of 2 mandrels. I rather like it, as I think it lends a sort of Japanese look to it, plus the dragonfly, which they're fond of. As you can tell, I did have to cut the image off a bit, that was due to time constraints. As it was, I finished it an hour before it was picked up to go to the show.
  8. Tarazed

    Mind Your Manners

    Lauria, you can only change yourself, not the rest of the world, in this case. If things are bothering you that much, maybe you should not read this thread. We all have the choice of ignoring others, or avoiding areas where we *know* we'll get upset. Now that this thread has been hi-jacked long enough, I would like to thank angkay for bringing up the topic of politeness on forum boards, because it's something we all need to be reminded of occasionally. I tend towards not saying anything if I don't have something I feel is worth saying. Those 2-word replies are included in the not worth saying category. I think I've posted 4-5 times, including this one, in the past year on here. So everyone should put a bit more thought into their posts, and that the person on the other side does NOT live in your head, and may not understand things the same way. Especially if said post isn't spelled properly.
  9. Tarazed

    Elfweave 2 bracelets, 6 photos

    I think that's carnival glass; the opalescence is very characteristic of it. This has a simliar finish and thickness. I wasn't able to find the particular motif on your vase, but I've only been looking for a half hour Hope this helps.
  10. Tarazed


    Here's some micro for you.... 24,050 rings of 24g 1/16 stainless and anodized titanium, 7 colors. I anodized the titanium myself, and cut all rings myself. It took me about 3-4 months to make, I estimate about 90 hours of weaving time. It is 12 inches across, not sure of the height. It just spent a month in the Nova Scotia Art Gallery as part of a show about metal work. Price on it is $2250 Canadian. I'm in progress on another inlay, it will be just over 47,000 rings when done, 24g 1/16 rings, stainless with dark blue titanium.
  11. Tarazed

    Welding/soldering precious metal rings

    Yeah, the connecter rings are the crux of it, I think. If you can close those well, then the rest shouldn't be so bad. I usually emphasize to my friends/customers that even though it's made of rings and looks really cool, and might be stainless or titanium, they still have to treat it like jewelry. As for weaving speed, I can weave about 4" of 24116 byz an hour, 5 if I push a bit. Thats 200-250 rings. Go figure, there's 50 rings/inch in both the coil and in byz weave. My smallest so far has been with the brass wire used to wrap jewelry sawblades together... think I wrapped them on a sewing needle, and made a diamond of 9 rings, I believe. I might even still have it around inside a film canister. Someday I'll try the bitty stuff again (24116 doesn't count as bitty to me), but it takes a lot of good light and concentration, and I'm lacking on both in my current circumstances.
  12. Tarazed

    Welding/soldering precious metal rings

    I'd like to know where you got the idea that 24116 jewelery won't hold up. I have a byz Ti necklace that I've been wearing for almost 5 years, I haven't had a single problem with it. My 22g 1/8 FP sterling bracelet is only now, after 3-4 years of wear, starting to open the rings to the point that I'll probably have to rebuild it. Didn't help that I played with it a lot after I first made it, and some of the ring openings are from back then. 24116 is my most common ring size... I'm working on 2 inlays that between them have 85,000 rings, in stainless and titanium. I've made several yards' worth of 24116 byzantine in sterling, stainless, titanium, bronze, and goldfill. Very occasionally there will be a case where 2 closures will cross and slip past each other, but that's mostly in the harder metals, actually. I've had 2 cases, I believe, of a sterling ring opening up and falling out, but my customers bring em back and I fix em. All jewelry runs that risk, I think. For the welding of tiny rings, talk to Loren. He did some FP a while back that made 24116 look large, I believe. Now that's sick in the head