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  1. Dorque

    Why no love for Euro 6-in-1?

    I hear ya. So since I want the look of 6, and aluminum over steel covers the weight gain, and it is for foam fighting not sca, and I never get hit anyway because I am awesome, it sounds like I should go up a size of ring. 7/16 14g is a 5.6AR, which this site says is just this side of usable. I'll wait to buy for another day in case anyone shows up with specific experience with this ring and pattern.
  2. Dorque

    CAD tool for making sheet-inlaid pattern?

    Ooh hey, do you generally plan ahead and weave the colored rings in, or do you finish the regular piece and then pull apart and replace rings?
  3. Dorque

    CAD tool for making sheet-inlaid pattern?

    I love the internet. Thank you! (I don't need an import; that was just an analogy. I think my current project would be 20 ft wide in chain.)
  4. Dorque

    CAD tool for making sheet-inlaid pattern?

    Ooh, and it's not a crazy idea, thankfully. http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/pics/56382172b.jpg
  5. I got the sample pack for Anodized aluminum and fell in love. Using it for gold trim is easy, but I was picturing weaving a coat of arms or something right in to the shirt. When I cross-stitch, I have this program that samples a picture, maps it to n colors, and prints out a square chart of what color thread goes where. Does anybody do this kind of pattern stuff? Any tips?
  6. Dorque

    Why no love for Euro 6-in-1?

    I am a noob who wants to make Belegarth/Larp level maille. (Did I spell maille in this context right?) I hung out with a ren faire armorsmith for an hour or so making a 6-in-1 bracelet. (I was fastest in the class and with no errors. *flex*) I think it is beautiful, and must have a shirt. But the tutorials have 4-in-1, the ring calculator has 4-in-1, the posts all have 4-in-1... Is 6-in-1 deprecated? Would you recommend a different one? (Great pics: http://cgmaille.com/tutorials.shtml) And since you are here, I did my research and believe I want 14ga 3/8'' ID AB1438 bright aluminum to make this 6-in-1. Am I right? I plan on making a small order and just making a sheet out of it. (Did you know Ireland saved Western civilization? I'm sure the guy being Irish had no impact on his credibility.)
  7. Dorque

    MAILLE FAQ - All you need to know and then some

    Heh, these two are dead links, and they were the exact questions I was looking for. (Just wanted second opinion, ya know?) Which rings work with ___ weave? Metal Designs reference What AR works with what weaves? Zlosk's help