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  1. Brimley's Mom

    Let's talk Thor . . . and Norse Mythology

    I have nothing to offer in regards to your request, but I wanted to pipe up and just say, "Cool!" I'd be interested in the subject if/when you publish.
  2. Brimley's Mom

    suggestions for the Visually Impaired

    That would be Blind Maille, but he hasn't been active since October 2013. You could try private messaging him.
  3. Brimley's Mom

    need display ideas for craft fair

    Make sure you have at least one mirror.
  4. Brimley's Mom

    Scale Flower Instructions for teachers

    You would get a quicker response if you email TRL.
  5. Brimley's Mom

    Finger calluses

    That's why the padded cyclist's gloves work well...protects my palms.
  6. Brimley's Mom

    Dull AA rings

    You'll get a faster response if you send an email...on the main page (not forum), look for "Contact Us" on the right side of the screen.
  7. Brimley's Mom

    Finger calluses

    I use bicyclist's gloves that already have no finger tips, they are also padded in the palms.
  8. Brimley's Mom

    Sword practice exercises?

    While this doesn't take the place of proper training, it does appear to have good information for those who cannot find appropriate training nearby.
  9. Brimley's Mom

    Sword practice exercises?

    Absolutely right. Replicas are made only to be displayed, not for practice or even just learning the moves. Even if you are not hitting things, a replica sword is an accident waiting to happen. This linked web page has some valid things to consider when choosing a sword and also explains why replicas are not what you want to be swinging around: http://www.sword-buyers-guide.com/buy-swords-online.html (Full disclosure: I have absolutely no affiliation with the owner of the web page nor have I purchased anything from them. I simply find some of their information helpful.)
  10. Brimley's Mom

    Sword practice exercises?

    The course I took (and have signed up for again because I enjoy it and there is always something more to learn) tends to follow Hans Talhoffer's teachings for European swords. While I don't generally like to use Wikipedia as a resource, you can follow the reference links at the bottom for more information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Talhoffer
  11. Brimley's Mom

    Chainmail(le) hourly wages.

    This is why I don't make maille to sell anymore. I do only what I want for the love of it.
  12. Brimley's Mom

    how strong is sterling?

    Note that The Ring Lord is discontinuing nickel silver as stocks run out.
  13. Brimley's Mom

    is saw cut worth it?

    Lorenzo means colour. The machine cut is anodized differently from the saw cut and matches the rubber rings much more closely.
  14. Brimley's Mom

    Maille shirt measurement question

    Yes, maille over a shirt will likely hurt worse than just a shirt with boffer weapons.
  15. Brimley's Mom

    Maille shirt measurement question

    At a minimum you might want to add some shoulder pads to your shirt because even light mail feels heavy on the shoulders over time. I wouldn't dismiss the gambeson out of hand as even "low combat" can hurt without it. All it takes is one hit where a bunch of mail digs into your body for you to recognize the benefits of a little padding. Mail and padding were designed to work together.