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    I am a big time arts and crafts fan. I have been doing something crafty related for over 20 years. And decided several years ago to take the plunge and start my own business Silver Griffon Designs. I started out strictly doing jewelry but have now evolved into other crafts like hair accessories and chainmaille is my new obsession. Its slow going but I am glad I found a new love and a new medium for my creative muse.

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  1. Working on my marketing strategy for the upcoming holiday season!

  2. Silver Griffon Designs

    The 'nerd' factor

    I like being weird its fun and you get to hang out with lots of interesting people. I love being a reenactor,doing chainmaille,going to ren faries and Sci Fi conventions. so yes I am a nerd!!
  3. Falling asleep at my desk wishing the clock would move a little faster!!!

  4. Working onupdating my chainmaille stash

  5. Silver Griffon Designs

    silver gold polyhedron earrings

    These simple yet elegant earrings are done in the polyhedron weave. They go with everything!! Silver Griffon Designs

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  6. Silver Griffon Designs

    Retro Japanese cross earring

    Turquoise, cherry red and silver japanese cross earring with matching scales. These are so addictive to make love how this color combination came out!! Silver Griffon Designs

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  7. Silver Griffon Designs

    Purple Passion japanese cross earring

    Lovely purple,turquoise and dark blue earrings with matching scales in Japanese Cross weave

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  8. getting ready for a mini craft show at my friends book signing in October!! cant wait!!

  9. Spring is sprung and I am back!! My crafty mojo is on the rise!!!

  10. Its the summer time!!! Time to get busy cause ren faire will be here soon enough!!!!!

    1. calyx


      Are ren faires mostly a Nth American thing? They sound fun.

    2. Silver Griffon Designs

      Silver Griffon Designs

      Nope Renaissance Faires started in Europe and traveled across the world. They are a lot of fun and a great place to get inspiration from. I love going to the fair the scenery and the clothing I love it all.

  11. glad the wedding is over and now i can relax. Bride loved the jewelry!!

  12. Silver Griffon Designs

    Wedding Bracelets

    Bracelets I made for the wedding party of my good friend. Japanese Flower weave in Red and Silver with a hammered rhodium plated toggle clasp.

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  13. Silver Griffon Designs

    Houndstooth engraved scales

    those are really cool!!!
  14. Silver Griffon Designs

    New here and saying hello

    welcome to the forums !!!
  15. Silver Griffon Designs

    Madonna Halftime show at the Super bowl

    Thats totally awesome!!!