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  1. Working on my marketing strategy for the upcoming holiday season!

  2. Silver Griffon Designs

    The 'nerd' factor

    I like being weird its fun and you get to hang out with lots of interesting people. I love being a reenactor,doing chainmaille,going to ren faries and Sci Fi conventions. so yes I am a nerd!!
  3. Falling asleep at my desk wishing the clock would move a little faster!!!

  4. Working onupdating my chainmaille stash

  5. Silver Griffon Designs

    silver gold polyhedron earrings

    These simple yet elegant earrings are done in the polyhedron weave. They go with everything!! Silver Griffon Designs

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  6. Silver Griffon Designs

    Retro Japanese cross earring

    Turquoise, cherry red and silver japanese cross earring with matching scales. These are so addictive to make love how this color combination came out!! Silver Griffon Designs

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  7. Silver Griffon Designs

    Purple Passion japanese cross earring

    Lovely purple,turquoise and dark blue earrings with matching scales in Japanese Cross weave

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  8. getting ready for a mini craft show at my friends book signing in October!! cant wait!!

  9. Spring is sprung and I am back!! My crafty mojo is on the rise!!!

  10. Its the summer time!!! Time to get busy cause ren faire will be here soon enough!!!!!

    1. calyx


      Are ren faires mostly a Nth American thing? They sound fun.

    2. Silver Griffon Designs

      Silver Griffon Designs

      Nope Renaissance Faires started in Europe and traveled across the world. They are a lot of fun and a great place to get inspiration from. I love going to the fair the scenery and the clothing I love it all.

  11. glad the wedding is over and now i can relax. Bride loved the jewelry!!

  12. Silver Griffon Designs

    Wedding Bracelets

    Bracelets I made for the wedding party of my good friend. Japanese Flower weave in Red and Silver with a hammered rhodium plated toggle clasp.

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  13. Silver Griffon Designs

    Houndstooth engraved scales

    those are really cool!!!
  14. Silver Griffon Designs

    New here and saying hello

    welcome to the forums !!!
  15. Silver Griffon Designs

    Madonna Halftime show at the Super bowl

    Thats totally awesome!!!
  16. Silver Griffon Designs

    Patinapyramid By Rescyou

    Now that's really cool!!!
  17. I hate cleaning my craft area :-(

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      ME TOO!! Mind you, I recently found a project I started almost two years ago...

    2. Katlee


      This is why I don't often do it. :D (except that my 'craft area' is my desk. I tend to just keep it neater so I don't have to clean it often)

    3. Silver Griffon Designs

      Silver Griffon Designs

      Yeah I finding a bunch of stuff I forgot that I even brought!! Which in a way is a good thing cause now I can start that project I totally forgot about. LOL!!!

  18. Silver Griffon Designs

    The beginning of my insanity

    Thats really cool great job!!!
  19. All my earrings are finally done now time to move on to a different project!!!

    1. Dice bag maker
    2. Silver Griffon Designs

      Silver Griffon Designs

      I will be moving on to Halloween flowers and then I have to do some decoupage projects. the scrapbook paper is calling my name!!!

      I dont think I ready for an inlay yet. LOL!! Limited supplies at the moment.

  20. Finished 8 pairs of hallowwen earrings I'm on a roll!!!

  21. Silver Griffon Designs


    These pumpkins charms I found by accident and I am glad I did. I love being able to make Jewely at my desk at work before work opens of course. Getting lots of pumpkin admirers!!

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  22. Silver Griffon Designs

    bats 3

    You can never have too many bats in your life!!! These smiling bats are ready to Halloween. I had a lot of fun making these sold a pair when I posted the finished photo on my facebook page. even before I listed them in my Artfire shop!!!

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  23. Silver Griffon Designs

    Ghost earrings

    Some friendly ghosts are coming your way. These adorable enameled charms are attached to Japanese Flower in silver, black and orange!!

    © Silver Griffon Designs

  24. Silver Griffon Designs

    Help - need authentication of historical accuracy!

    Your best bet is to go to SCA.org website and look for a chapters in your country. And contact one of them. they might be able to steer you in the right direction. Being a former member of the SCA many folks were seriously OCD when it came to historical accuracy about any time period pre 17th century
  25. Working on Halloween themed creations