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    I am a big time arts and crafts fan. I have been doing something crafty related for over 20 years. And decided several years ago to take the plunge and start my own business Silver Griffon Designs. I started out strictly doing jewelry but have now evolved into other crafts like hair accessories and chainmaille is my new obsession. Its slow going but I am glad I found a new love and a new medium for my creative muse.

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  1. Its the summer time!!! Time to get busy cause ren faire will be here soon enough!!!!!

    1. calyx


      Are ren faires mostly a Nth American thing? They sound fun.

    2. Silver Griffon Designs

      Silver Griffon Designs

      Nope Renaissance Faires started in Europe and traveled across the world. They are a lot of fun and a great place to get inspiration from. I love going to the fair the scenery and the clothing I love it all.