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  1. cradleofdoom

    Completed Maille Purse

    Thank you!
  2. cradleofdoom

    Purse open

  3. cradleofdoom

    Purse close

  4. cradleofdoom

    Purse back

  5. cradleofdoom


    Purse I completed a while ago. 18g 3/16 BA used through out entire purse.
  6. cradleofdoom

    Completed Maille Purse

    I saw a maille purse on deviant art a while ago and I wanted one for myself. So I set out to make this monster, and what an attention grabber! 18g 3/16 BA in Euro 4-1 all through out. Used 18g Stainless wire rigged with Rubber and Vinyl as a liner. Has a flap and a hook closure with a starburst on the flap and a floppy scale flower hanging on one side of the strap.
  7. cradleofdoom

    jewelry sized dragonscale

    No prob!
  8. cradleofdoom

    jewelry sized dragonscale

    What about 20g 3/16 and 20g 1/8? Those sizes are quite nice for jewelry sized Dragonscale. I've made 1 bracelet and 1 pair of earrings in those sizes. Has a nice weight and feel to it.
  9. It's my hobby. I don't want to turn it into a job for fear that I'd lose my passion for it. I have made about $400 so far scattered around a few months, so that's good for me.
  10. New order arrived today! I must say I am loving the new Bright Silver and the square rings. You guys are awesome.

    1. Dice bag maker
    2. calisandra


      like** drat that is what I forgot to order the shiny silver AA.

  11. Had my 3rd showing yesterday. Made a nice profit and got a deal with a local boutique owner and seamstress. She wants to design clothes based on my jewelry. Hello my old friend $$.

  12. Had my first showing of my jewelry at a party that my gym held. Made $100 in 2 hours and got a commission. Not bad for first time!

  13. Love Love LOVE the Seafoam 'mistake'. Wish it could be a permanent color option.

    1. AlchemistsFire


      Must be a very happy mistake, then. ^^

    2. PlutoniumX


      I like it too! I mean I hate it! No one buy it, it's all miiiiine!

    3. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      Its very close to the mint color. To keep both mint and green - mint will be slightly closer to seafoam in future.

  14. My last order arrived on the 13th. Opened the package and the sky blue 18316 rings spilled out. It's bag was still a bit open. All rings are accounted for now. I am loving the champagne and gold. Love all the new colors. Very glad with order. Happy Holidays!

  15. cradleofdoom

    Ho ho ho

    My my so many packages! 237 happy people!