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  1. Datharian

    Anyone in the Edmonton area?

    No, there are not a lot of mailers in Alberta. I moved here last summer, and there seemed to be no one around then. I'm... Pretty far away down here in Brooks so there's not really much opportunity for me to get together with any other mailers. Though, I'm sure if there would be enough of us a meet up could be arranged. But it is nice to see at least a few people who are sort of close now.
  2. Datharian

    debit visa

    I use mine a fair bit online, mostly because I don't have a new credit card yet. It works pretty well, except for The Ring Lord... So far it's the only online store that has problems with My TD Debit Visa. Every other online store in Canada seems to be fine with it though so far.
  3. Datharian

    Alberta Mailers?

    I've been lurking around these forums for a while, and I got to know the locations of many mailers. When I lived in BC, I knew of a few near Vancouver, and I have seen posts from a decent amount of people in eastern Canada. And of course the majority of you to the south! I have recently moved to Southern Alberta, and I am wondering if there are any other mailers from these forums in the area, or even in the province... I know there are mailers here, because I saw some at a local Medieval Faire, but are any of you guys over here? I've been dying to meet other mailers from this forum, because you are all fantastic, and awesome people!
  4. Datharian

    Ring Welder

    Sent a PM towards ya.
  5. Datharian

    Ring Welder

    Is this still available?
  6. Datharian

    Bronze shirt pics?

    I have not worked with rings that large, but between the few shirts I have made the most comfortable for me to wear is me 16G 5/16 Galvy one. I made a second with a tighter AR out of aluminum, and it feels heavier, and does not offer the same flexibility as my steel one. I do like the look of the denser AR mind you, but I feel a lot better wearing it if it's made with a larger AR. Personally I would recommend anything over 5, but it's really whatever works for you. Even with using 14G bronze, keeping your AR up will keep it relatively light, which is another thing to consider.
  7. Datharian

    Need Help with Scale Flower Kit

    Alright... I have found that certain colors of scales seem to be tighter when making flowers. Perhaps different colours have slightly different thicknesses. Or maybe some rings are just slightly off size and mess things up. My solution is that I just chang the center ring to one that is slightly bigger, or in some cases, just spread the center ring open just a tiny bit. This is seems to fix every flower that I can't finish because it's too tight. Some of the flowers that I have made were loose enough to lay flat. Most of them however, they curve up a little bit just because of the shape of the scales. As for attaching them to hair clips... I bought some ball pins, but have not been able to attach them with those. I instead wove the flowers on to the clips. While that took quite a bit of trial and error, I found a method for the large scale flowers, and I have almost done it with the small ones. If you would like I could probably post a quick tutorial on how I did it, and maybe I will dust off my pliers from being poor, and figure out the small scales. The only problem is that you will need some rings of a slightly different size that the ones that come in the kit.
  8. Datharian

    New Weapons Rack(s)

    I'm very envious of your collection. I have a few swords, but the variety of what you have is just awesome. Boy, it sure would be nice if he had some grenades, don't ya think?
  9. Datharian

    Hauberk for a youth- Ring selection

    I made a shirt out of 16G 1/4" aluminum for a Christmas present for my younger brother who was twelve at the time and it turned out really well. It felt quite light to me, and he didn't have a problem with it, but he was able to wear my steel Hauberk with no trouble. I really like how the tighter ARs look but if I made it again I would probably go with something a little more open so I would recommend either 16G 5/16" or 14G 3/8". Though the smaller the wire you use the lighter it will be.
  10. Datharian

    Minecraft anyone?

    I can't. I can get Telus, and the best they can offer is something slightly better than dial-up, or cable which is only good enough to be on the internet. And Telus is the only provider where I live unfortunately... If I lived in a bigger city I could get a little better. It's funny, but I have the fastest internet package in town and it's only 700KBps, which is the fastest internet I have ever had, even compared to living somewhere else. I just accepted that days long downloads for games and stuff is normal. Which is why it would be better if someone else ran a server, even though I have a high end computer. Though I am really curious to see how well my computer, and my internet would handle running a server.
  11. Datharian

    Minecraft anyone?

    Well, my computer is more than sufficient to handle a lot of people on, but my internet is terrible. Mostly because I live in Canada. If someone else could do it, then it would save me some time, and a fair bit of research, but I wouldn't mind running one.
  12. Datharian

    Minecraft anyone?

    So, I may have figured out how to set up a server for us. I will have to do some testing after work, so we'll see how it goes... Out of curiosity, how many of you would log on regularly? Just because as I have stated earlier, my internet isn't very fast.
  13. Datharian

    Minecraft anyone?

    Yeah, that's what I would have troubles with...
  14. Datharian

    Minecraft anyone?

    I would set up one but I don't know how, and my internet isn't wonderful because I'm pretty much stuck in a backwater. I thought about paying for hosting for a server, but never really had the friends to rationalize paying for a server. I am really interested in being in a group with all the maillers here. If we get enough interest in it, I may be willing to run a server, or learn how.
  15. Datharian

    Spiders and webs and magnets, oh my?

    The 12mm Clasps that the Ring Lord sells, might be enough to hold it, but even they are probably not strong enough to hold up that much Stainless. Just with my limited experience though. I think Aluminum would be more than strong enough for that application though, and then colours!