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  1. Dice bag maker

    Move Schedule FYI

    Is there still time to plan a heist, I wonder...? Glad to see this is really happening!
  2. Tomorrow I have my biggest event ever... somewhere like 5000 to 10 000 people... and it's a bike show!

  3. Dice bag maker

    Skype group?

    gordsdicebags@hotmail.com Gord and Megan Richardson. Feel free to add me (Gord), in fact, anyone can add me.
  4. Gotta love a good 24 hours of solid mailling! :P

  5. Dice bag maker

    How long does it take to weave scalemail (large scales)

    I made one from TRL's kits (with jump rings - not my choice) for a friend... I did it in less then 100 hours. He would like me to make another one with split rings this time, and I plan on taking a lot longer to do it, then again, I will have longer then a week to work on it. I had originally built it with just 5 days to complete it for he wanted it for a LARP, but with that kind of rush, mistakes happened... It took another 20 hours to repair and finalize the armour and with that, I would call it at 120 hours for me to do it with jump rings.
  6. Well, armour is fun to make... but I really need to make more of it? YES!

    1. calyx


      Of course you do!

  7. So... I will be getting upwards of 50 pounds of 16 SGW tomorrow... Can anyone say "Armour spree?!"

    1. calyx
    2. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Ended up getting 35 pounds of 1.6 mm wire... needless to say, Armour Time!

  8. Dice bag maker

    One heck of a purse

    Thanks, guys! Too bad the guy who commissioned it has not contacted me... He is normally really good at paying... I am thinking I will have to put a price tag on it... I hope not, though,
  9. Dice bag maker

    Links to pictures of mail armor.

    Nice! I am thinking the wife needs to follow these for me!
  10. Dice bag maker

    One heck of a purse

    Get working on one then!!
  11. Dice bag maker

    One heck of a purse

    http://havocsarmoury.weebly.com/for-the-guys-at-trl-forum.html There you all go... on my site (it is a work in progress still)
  12. Dice bag maker

    One heck of a purse

    Works great for me... it's just to my FB page.
  13. Dice bag maker

    Clear + Black Polycarbonate Scales

    So... is that a yay or nay? I think it's a two way street. Try it, but remember they are plastic. Thanks!
  14. Dice bag maker

    One heck of a purse

    The wife put her wallet in, for a realism effect. Oh... I should totally inform people that in my absence, I had another baby (well, the wife did) and we got married.