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  1. ironband

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Do you have an ETA on 18g stainless spools (WSPL-SS18)? I mean, I like fighting 100 ft coils of stainless wire as much as the next guy...but spools are so much more convenient Andre
  2. ironband

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Any ETA on W-JSSS-SQ16?
  3. ironband

    tumbling bright aluminum?

    If you have any concerns, just double bag the pillowcase. I usually do that because sometimes a little bit of fine aluminum dust (the aluminum de-burrs as it tumbles as well) sometimes will get through the first pillowcase. I also do it because I once had a pillowcase (which I had been using for this purpose for a long time) develop a small hole (which I didn't notice) and wound up with rings everywhere (getting them out of the lint trap was a lot of fun ) Andre
  4. ironband

    Ringinator Issues and Production Questions

    As everyone says, cutting stainless is difficult. With regard to 2, have a look at my video - this wasn't that difficult to build and has been serving me well now for over a year...thousands of coils wound and it is still holding up nicely (though it is now very dirty) With regard to 3, I've had good luck with SafeTap Plus. Only problem is if I don't cut for a few days I do get some bacterial blooms which sometimes gum up the works and make it necessary to flush the system, but other than that I have no complaints. I can't really speak to 4 - anodized aluminum should be pretty durable. I would just say make sure you aren't "over-opening" the rings - extra bending can weaken the coating somewhat and cause flaking in some cases. Open just a bit over a wire diameter so you can get the ring in without scraping.
  5. ironband

    In The Market For A Lubricant Pump System

    I use a TOM aqualifter pump - you can find them on amazon.com for around $16: http://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Lifter-3-5gph-inches-height/dp/B001BOD9JI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1320330255&sr=8-1 It is compatible with the airline tubing, but be careful if you want to remove the tubing from the pump - it is easy to break the outlet if you start pulling on it! Andre
  6. ironband

    New User Thread

    I'm back, and I want to keep my account this time...so here's a post! Andre