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  1. MerryWire

    Hibernation 1

    I L O V E this!!What an amazing piece!
  2. MerryWire

    Chain Lace

    Gorgeous!! So integrated, the beads and chainmaille were made for each other!
  3. I have a custom order of a dragon and they want copper. No non tarnish copper rings at RTH? Or I'm just not seeing them? (16g, 5/16)

    1. Eduardo Barron
    2. MerryWire


      Oh yes, I know. But I'm hoping for NON-tarnish copper rings.

    3. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      That size wire is simply not available in enameled copper.

  4. MerryWire

    winter dragon 100911 B

    I love RTH's white rings! These are 1/4" 18g AA, with some gunmetal along the spine and gunmetal wire for the head, with silver. The ice blue crystal eyes really stand out!
  5. MerryWire

    golden dragon 100911 B

    About 12 1/2 inches long and just over 300 rings.
  6. MerryWire

    Dabbling in making earrings

    Very nice! I've pretty much avoided making earrings, but you've inspired me to go for it!
  7. MerryWire

    Ring making

    That is so cool!! I love that set-up...if I get into this much more, I think I would go with this.
  8. MerryWire

    Moonlit Forest

    This is absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Hi Joy! Lol, no bleeding eyes...yet...

  10. I saw your dragon, it's fantastic. Are your eyes bleeding from doing that?

  11. Wondering what ring size folks usually use for earrings...

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    2. Daemon_Lotos


      Mostly 26g through 20g in dozens of sizes.

    3. MerryWire


      Thank you! I find I get really impatient with 'small' rings, and my old eyesight isn't too good anyway. :) I think the smallest gauge I'll try is 20g!

    4. sir_osis


      whatever looks good lol. vague but if you can design something that's sexy, and light, the size is irrelevant

  12. MerryWire

    Dragon and the newb

    Hi Baleful Head, thank you for taking the time to look and for your input. I really appreciate it! Yes, I'm very guilty of just making what I want, and making only half hearted attempts at offering a range of items. I'm working now on some 'everyday' kind of wear, as well, and trying to expand what I do...think of something I can wear to work, or the kind I DO make as gifts, and keeping in mind what others would were and not just me. Although the bracelet stands out, it is actually less involved than the pendants, but it's very interesting how it appears to you as being the most complex! I certainly enjoy creating them SO much more than what I was doing, hopefully, I'll phase out the pendants, as I make more dragons and 'everyday' sorts of work, that, as you said, still be unique but not as time intensive.
  13. MerryWire

    Crescent Moon

    So sweet!
  14. MerryWire

    B Squared Pendant 2

    Wow, these are amazing.
  15. Nice! I'm a roadie myself, don't have the bike handling skills to mountain bike. :)