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  1. TrenchCoatGuy

    The dragon scale tie.

    For the color variation, you will probably have more luck searching for dragonscale bracelets as more people have made them.
  2. TrenchCoatGuy

    Hanging an Inlay

    If you look closely at the weave Flat Byz 4in1 Tube, you will notice that the center is E4:1 and the outside sets up a byzantine connection. As it looks like you have about 100 rings across, you should be safe ringwise. You could then stagger the placement of the byz chains every 5 intervals or so. I wonder if "heavy fabric wall hangings" would give any further insight from google...
  3. TrenchCoatGuy

    Business logo inlay - scales or rings?

    I think the rule of thumb that if you want lettering legible, you want it about 8-10 pixels high. It can be optimized down to about 6 pixels in some cases, but legibility is difficult. As for modifying the image, I always suggest this tutorial.
  4. TrenchCoatGuy

    Business logo inlay - scales or rings?

    *beats everyone else with the response* You probably want to use zlosk's IGP program (if you are running windows). Its a "paint" program for rings. Select the weave (e4:1 or scales) and import your image. Make any minor modifications you want to get one that looks good. Keep in mind, one pixel in the image yields 1 ring in the weave. Scaling down is usually a must. You can also search things like "inlay" and "IGP" either on this forum or on MAIL to get some nice tutorials/tips.
  5. TrenchCoatGuy

    ring making question

    A number of reasons. First question would be, same metal? Different metals often have different springbacks. Same alloy and temper? Even seemingly the same metal can have different strength characteristics. Same type of cut? Saw cutting will remove more material than machine, causing the ring to be slightly smaller. Its usually a temper/alloy difference... however: Same winding method? If I recall from TRL's youtube videos, their ring shapers force the outer side of the ring for machine cut while they use a drill for saw cut (at least suggested with their vids).
  6. TrenchCoatGuy

    Chain Backpack or Messenger bag

    Very possible, as it has been done before. There has been a lot more done on purses that you can probably more readily search threads, which could have similar structure for a messenger bag.
  7. TrenchCoatGuy

    Help with planning super easy project

    Aspect ratio (in maille terms ID/WD [inner diameter/wire diameter]) It allows easy scaling of weaves.
  8. TrenchCoatGuy

    Help with planning super easy project

    20awg rings at an AR close to 3 and a good resolution image should get you a resulting pattern that would size about 1/3 a sheet of paper. 20awg at an AR around 4-5 would get you half a sheet of paper. 18swg around an ar of 3 would probably be around the full sheet of paper. If you plan on buying aluminum rings from TRL, I would suggest 20swg 3/32 rings (or 7/64 if you dont want it as dense). I have personally made some coasters from enameled copper 20awg 3/32 rings, which would be another option of material. As for sizing/modifying the image before tossing it into IGP, refer to these two tutorials for assistance. Keep in mind, you probably want to scale it down to around 50-80 pixels height. Results may vary.
  9. I get comments from relatives that I made pieces for, as they stumble upon different sellers. They are always amusing. The ones that really irk me are the new maille jewelry teaching books that are starting to appear... without flush closures... in silver.
  10. TrenchCoatGuy

    Minecraft anyone?

    Don't look em in the eye or they get angry. Unless of course you are wearing a pumpkin. They like pumkin people.
  11. TrenchCoatGuy

    IGP help.

    I decided to give it a short go and see why it wasn't working. A couple things I noticed: 1. The color IGP doesn't handle correctly is exact white. It crashes upon trying to read it. The simple fix is to change the color to a very light grey. 2. I'm not sure if IGP reads the color formatting that the file currently is. I didn't completely read the warning when I opened it in GIMP, but you should convert it to RGB. (If you use GIMP, Open the file, Top bar -> Image -> Mode -> select RGB). 3. Jpeg images sometimes arent handled as well (if at all), since they can have strange formatting things. You can attempt using a bmp or png. 4. Unless you have all of the greys between black and white, you probably want to apply a threshold to force two colors (Note, if you use GIMP's threshold, you need to redo the white-to-grey step). 5. It may be in your interest to also shrink down the image size even further, as right now the image produces a 228,000 ring inlay. (Note, again scaling the image should be done first, as you will have to redo the threshold step). You can easily scale to a 240x238 image without loosing too much detail. The image successfully opened for me after the first 3 steps (I used a png). Since it needs to draw quite a few rings it took a bit of time to actually draw the image.
  12. TrenchCoatGuy

    Weave for chainmail ball?

    http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=671 I think I used the rings suggested there. I know some other people have also substituted in some rubber rings to make it a fancy flexible ball.
  13. TrenchCoatGuy

    Weave for chainmail ball?

    Go for a geometric figure if it is a desk item. I've made a celtic rose pentagonal tesselation and an hourglass dodecahedron skeleton.
  14. TrenchCoatGuy

    Minecraft anyone?

    I dug out a silverfish spawn from the enderportal. They spawn up to 3 at once (compared to 1), had them drop to near-death and let them gather for a couple hours. Threw one splash potion at them and went from level 1 to 100 once the lag from that much experience stabilized (If you've killed the dragon before they updated to have larger experience spheres you know what it would be like). Best way to track them down is using the enderpearls to find the enderportal (which always has a silverfish spawn). Otherwise, I would say its luck and/or cheating the game. I have heard of changing the texture pack to have stone be mostly transparent to simply look around in your dungeons.
  15. TrenchCoatGuy

    Minecraft anyone?

    Any of the wool blocks can be replaced with normal blocks (not sand, gravel, cactus, ect). The key point is pistons can only push 3 blocks. The rest of the trick is in the redstone circuit. My gate was made of brick on the outside and the dirt on the inside.
  16. TrenchCoatGuy

    Minecraft anyone?

    So many fun things to do with redstone and pistons. I at one point made a 8x4 sand based castle gate.
  17. TrenchCoatGuy

    Calculating how much wire

    On a per ring for riveted maille, I would do... 1 ring = 1.2 * pi*(ID+WD) where the terms are 20% overlap, and circumference using a diameter to the middle of the wire on either end Using the ID+WD as the diameter is in my opinion a good approximate between the ID and OD predicament because the inner side is going to be compressed and the outer is stretched. Additionally, you can attempt to use the ultimate maille calculator, that tesserex made for MAIL. Although I didnt see a question about the total number of rings, TRL has a calculator here.
  18. TrenchCoatGuy

    Minecraft anyone?

    Its now also in survival with monsters. They are included in rare drops from zombies/skeletons.
  19. TrenchCoatGuy

    Wolf Teeth and Wire!

    This may be of assistance. *Edit This one too.
  20. TrenchCoatGuy

    Help with Hylion Crest inlay

    I had it running in wine under Ubuntu 10.04 with the default overrides for the .net framework. Take that, PC users. I lost that functionality when I updated to 12.04, unfortunately. Android is linux based, so there could potentially be a workaround. Although the specifics of it are probably more trouble than it is worth.
  21. TrenchCoatGuy

    Splitting full persian

    5.5 is the magic AR that I've found. Any smaller and the heart gets too large. Any larger and the heart is loose. The unfortunate part is you need to hit the 5.5 really well to get the good results. For the bronze rings TRL sells, the 20awg 5/32" machine cut rings may work but you could end up with a fairly loose heart. The ones in my avatar are the 18swg 1/4" saw cut (made by me, not TRL).
  22. TrenchCoatGuy

    Durability of Maille Belts?

    I've been wearing my 18swg spring stainless steel elfsheet belt for a bit over 2 years now without need for repairs. I'm still fairly surprised that the buckle (a combination of reinforced inverted round and bore wyrm) hasn't needed repairs yet. My first belt, which is a combination of a euro-persian hybrid and captive inverted round for the buckle, has needed a couple rings replaced for the buckle. All in all, the bulk of the belt should be completely fine in stainless steel. If you plan to make a buckle with maille as well, you may want to consider thick/strong rings.
  23. TrenchCoatGuy

    Comments about closures

    I have recently noticed a trend in quite a few of the threads here. When someone relatively new posts their first images, there comments usually are "great work, but still need to work on your closures". When someone relatively experienced posts, there are not those comments. The oddity that I have noticed is that the closure comments seem to appear despite the ability to see them in the images. Also, it could simply be an artifact of the rings they use (example: the notch from the machine cut rings). I have taught quite a few people how to weave, and most (~75%) work very hard to have nice closures from the start. Is it just something to say to make it look like we are giving constructive criticism or are my eyes just unable to detect closures easily in images? If I actually commented more on the forums, I would probably be giving more feedback on taking better pictures and using/making higher quality cuts on rings than closures.
  24. TrenchCoatGuy

    Chainmaille Gift

    This calculator might help: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=ScaleCalculator
  25. TrenchCoatGuy

    Troubles with dicebags

    My dice bag removed the numbers after about a month of carrying them around. It was an easy re-paint to fix it. The numbers are in a shallow groove in the dice. I've since had them in a felt bag for longer than a couple months with no signs of wear. The maille pouch was spring stainless steel shear cut rings (image reference). My best guess would be it probably has something to do with the weight (since it was steel), as it seemed like this pouch acted as a tumbler.