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  1. Augh, I'm so anxious for my order to get shipped so that I'll be able to focus on that coming from Canada to Oregon instead of focusing on how much I hate the realtor >_<

    1. bigtitann


      In the mean time, you need to come part with meh! <3

  2. Dear hair that was once green; Please please PLEASE continue to oxidize. I need brown hair again... Thank you.

  3. Shiouri

    Google+ ... lets create a TRL circle!

    :3 I'd like an invite please ^_^ It was hard to decide what gmail account to use for this, but I think fullmoon925@gmail.com is best It's my personal email.
  4. Shiouri

    lady gaga Q magazine

  5. Shiouri

    Travel on Airplanes with rings and pliers

    This year was the 1st flight where I brought along my chainmaille supplies... I had at least 5 pairs of pliers in my backpack, the -only- two pairs I left at home were my Craftsman ones because one or both measured slightly over 7 inches, and they're kind of my favorite along with the fact that they were my only -big- pliers at the time (I got pretty much all my late uncle's pliers and wire cutters along with his dremmel stuff after this trip, so now I have probably 14-20 pliers and things) Getting myself to Florida with this stuff was surprisingly simple. I spent a week in the caribbean on a cruise, happily doing chainmaille whenever I pleased, and my mom and aunt kept wanting earrings from me after a pair I made for me lol. However, getting home, that was a different story (due to origami).... Did you know that it's perfectly fine to have scissors and like 5 pairs of pliers on you that you could seriously probably hurt someone with, but ORIGAMI IS EVIL?! Yeah, TSA didn't care that I had stuff in my bag that I could actually harm someone with, because having two origami roses that were made for me must mean that I'm like gonna bomb the place or something. =/ They seriously almost confiscated the origami flowers.... Next year I'm taking my pliers again. I'll just stick with the red one and the orange one. Maybe also the purple one.
  6. Shiouri

    New User Thread

    Hiii Im Alison but most call me Ali =] Peach calls me Alipants lol Im 18, turning 19 in September, and I'm starting college next month at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. I was born in Oregon,I think my biological mom was living there at the time. I lived in Vancouover, WA with my adoptive parents until I was 3, and then we moved to Kalama, WA. I graduated from Kelso High. I moved to Hillsboro, OR on June 19th, 2011 and I need to find my damn birth certificate so I can get my Oregon ID lol... Ive been doing chainmaille for about a year now. Peach taught me how =] I mostly make jewelry, but I wanna try my hand at some other wearables. I'm also gonna be starting on my 1st chainmaille flogger soon. The pipe for it will be cut in a few minutes. ^_^ Nice to meet you =]