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  1. Hello, everyone. I hope this community has been doing well. It's been a while since I've visited. I was hoping to call on some experience or advice about how to clean chainmail damaged in a fire. Last month, my parents house burned down. I was living with them through the end of med school, so my stuff was all there too. Fortunately, everyone was unharmed, but the house was a complete loss and will be demolished. I lost one anodized aluminum inlay entirely. No trace. I have a stainless scale shirt, a stainless chainmail shirt, and a half stainless half anodized aluminum dragonscale tie that all survived the fire with some damage. I want to try and restore these as nicely as I can. Lots of sentimental value here. Not to mention the cost of the materials and all the time spent on these. I have this picture of them. As you can see, the three of them are still structurally sound with no appreciable warping. The green color in the tie is almost completely gone, but if i can just make it look clean, I'd like to keep it around. The chainmail shirt seems to have fared best, but it has some melted polyester gunked onto parts of it, as there was some clothing laying on it in my closet at the time of the fire.
  2. Gil-Galad

    Restoring Chainmail that survived a house fire

    I am having trouble getting the image to appear. I attached it, but it says i have overused my attachment space. When i go to manage attachments, i can't delete any of my old pictures from years ago. Anyone have some advice?
  3. Gil-Galad

    4in1 roundmaille

    I like the look!
  4. Greetings fellow maillers! I hope the community has been excellent, as ever. I haven't worked on a project in a little over a year after being stumped on a particularly troublesome one last time. I've elected to leave that one for when I am especially feeling it and proceed with a new idea I have that has me pretty excited. I want to make another inlay, but this time, the image is one I have drawn completely from scratch. Last time, I found an image I liked online and simply edited large portions of it and changed the colors to suit my needs. This time, It's a little more tricky because all I have is this scanned image of a piece of paper. Because it's drawn by hand, It's not perfectly symmetrical, not colored perfectly (or at all really), and even the lines are not exactly what I want them to be. What I'm looking for is a way to draw this on a computer with nice, straight lines, symmetrical design, shapes of the same size and shape, and all that. Like that zigzag around the edge, Ideally there would be an equal number of zigzags per space all the way around the circle. I could do it painstakingly by hand, but... there has to be a better way. Once I get this image all fixed up, I want to place the Om symbol in the center. Then I will color it in GIMP and choose a size and stick that baby into IGP and be on my merry way. I imagine that since this is a circular, and not rectangular image, I will have to make a rectangular image and surround the circular image with a neutral color. I'll just simply not count those rings in IGP when deciding what to buy. So that shouldn't be an issue... I plan on using 16g 1/4" AA, probably of 5 colors or so. Probably will line the edges of it with byzantine or half-persian chain. What do you guys recommend? I don't have any image editing experience beyond MS Paint and basic work in GIMP
  5. After over a year off, I think I have thought of a new project. Let's just say a certain someone inspired me :)

  6. Ramadan Mubarak, everyone! :)

    1. calyx


      Best wishes for the month! :)

  7. Gil-Galad

    AlhamdAllah Inlay

    My first inlay, finally completed and hung up! Great feeling right now
  8. Gil-Galad

    AlhamdAllah Inlay

    Well if you're asking if I have a digital image I used as a plan, yes. What I did was google the word "alhamdallah," and pick one of the calligraphies that most appealed to me. I settled on three images. I put them all into an image editor (I used GIMP - it's free and it has the essential ability to edit the whole image using a specific color palette). I made the entire image of each one completely consist of green, gold, and white. Then I scaled the sizes down to have the same dimensions in pixels as I wanted my inlay to have in rings. Then I used Zlosk's Irregular Grid Painter (another essential program - also free!) to convert the new images into rings. IGP turns every pixel into a ring. The final image is basically a pixelated image of how your inlay will look. I decided on one of the three based on clarity when converted from pixels to rings. The fancier calligraphy was too blotchy to look any good with the dimensions I used. If you want really fine detail, your inlay will have to be considerably larger to accomodate. You can message me if you want more explanation. Good luck, and Ramadan Mubarak!
  9. Gil-Galad

    Red and Blue Dragonscale Bracelets

    My first and second attempts at dragonscale. Top is a titanium and red aluminum bracelet. Bottom is a niobium and blue aluminum bracelet. Both are 3/16" 20g and 1/8" 20g. Somehow, the niobium one was shorter when made with the exact same number of rings, making it unwearable. Adding two rows to one side made it exactly the same length as the titanium one. The red is 1598 rings, the blue 1664.
  10. Gil-Galad


    Very nice. Well done. I am in the process of making something very similar myself. I'm making a left handed gauntlet for a friend. Using 5/32" 18g stainless and a top layer of small mirror aluminum scales. Any advice for the making of the hand/glove part? How flexible are the fingers and the palm? Can you make a fist?
  11. Gil-Galad

    Scale Vest Shoulder

    Hello everyone! I've figured out the scale-mailing business and can now comfortably weave in all directions! Now, as my intent all along has been to make a vest, I have seen a fair number of pictures of the ones people have made. Many were quite rough around the shoulders. This is something I want to work on making more adjusted and properly fitting. The plan I found that I liked the most was in this tutorial. If I'm not mistaken, someone on this forum made it. I am very appreciative for this, ye who made this tutorial! I wanna make my shoulders look like the bottom left picture on page 8. I like the look of the one row going down between the two segments. I was thinking of making two rows however, or whatever it would take to make the scales all sit flat. I don't know how this would result, as I don't have experience with making patches, seaming them, 45 degree seems, etc... and if anyone knows how many rows would be best, that would be great too. Thanks!
  12. Gil-Galad

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    Yes, sure. Here's a view of the bending corners.
  13. Gil-Galad

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    I have the same issue with the soft jaws. I bought two pairs and have been using them on 20g aluminum and titanium. The jaw tips do look pretty scratched up for their age. I don't slip on rings or grasp the cut part of the rings. Sometimes the rings stick to the jaws because of the rough surface that has formed. Mine also bend at the jaw corners like the poster above, but I bent them back flat. It's strange really, I was wondering how long they would last like this. I've only had mine since the 19th.
  14. Hello all! I love this place. So I hate to post yet another Dragonscale topic, but after a goodly amount of research, I can't find a sufficient answer. I want to make a dragonscale "bracer" about 3" tall, going from the wrist down, and about 7-8" wide around the wrist. How many rings would it take in 20g 3/16" and 20g 1/8"? How about 18g 7/32" and 20g 5/32"? Is the ratio of small to big rings 1:1? Another note.. Is it possible to do contractions in this weave? Thank you!!
  15. Opinions? Lindstrom Rx7490's or TRL Modified Tronex Wide-Noses? (the $38 ones)?

    1. Gil-Galad


      To answer my own question: Lindstrom's are definitely the superior choice.

  16. Gil-Galad

    Hanging an Inlay

    Hello community of TheRingLord! It's been a good while since I was here. I have missed this place. A couple weeks ago, I finished my first inlay! It measured about 42" long and 10" tall when in the "wrong way"/hanging configuration. My mission now is to hang this on my wall. My materials consist of: - about 1000 green rings - about 50 white rings - about 80 gold rings - a 48" long 1/4" diameter wooden dowel My original plan was to make byzantine chains of the rings I have left and hang the inlay from the top corners, while using a few rings to bind the wooden dowel to the top edge. After a little thought though, this seems like it would be messy and insufficient. Another idea I've had that still allows me to use the byzantine chains is to make a bunch of short chains, maybe 3" each, and attach them at intervals along the top edge, forming doubly-attached loops all along that I can either slip the wooden dowel through, or place over a nail in the wall. The problem I imagine with this though, is that the inlay may sag between each loop. This is disagreeable. Another option, and likely the best for my needs, is to simply make a fat strip of green rings and attach that to the top, and then reattach the new top edge to a point on the back of the inlay, forming a long loop tunnel thing to hold the dowel. This is likely what I'll end up doing, but it is disappointing that I won't be able to utilize byzantine chains somewhere in this piece. My question is, I guess, if someone has any advice on this matter or perhaps an idea that I haven't though of that would allow me to get the best of both worlds - hanging neatly and using byzantine chains.
  17. Gil-Galad

    Hanging an Inlay

    On second thought, after trying a stretch of the HP3-1 edge (being pretty confident that I'm doing it right), my rings are too tight for this. By the time I get the E4-1 connector rings onto the chain, the thing is so tight that the second ring won't even go. It's a solid hunk of rings. I will try byzantine.
  18. Gil-Galad

    Hanging an Inlay

    Thank you all for the advice and kind words. The words are pronounced, "Alhamd'Allah." That translates to "thank God," or "praise be to God." It has taken on a deeper meaning for me in the last few years of life. I really like the flat Byzantine idea. I'm thinking of making the entire top edge like that, and then maybe getting a long, flat strip of wood to place behind the too edge. I would then nail little nails through the top edge at intervals into the wood, and hang the wood from the wall. Hopefully the byzantinized edge hold up and prevents sagging. I'm also considering the half-Persian idea for the edge. Both provide an aesthetically pleasing and yet functional option. Also, my ring size is 16g 1/4". The wooden dowel I have doesn't fit through them. It was only $0.75 anyhow. If I need to I'll get another one.
  19. Gil-Galad

    Custom Laser engraved anodized titanium scale

    These look awesome, but I wonder what they look like when woven into a sheet..
  20. 16 days until the MCAT...

    1. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      May all the questions be related to what you have already studied. Good luck.

    2. Gil-Galad


      Thank you. Now the wonderful wait for closure. July 23rd until we get scores back.

  21. Gil-Galad

    Scale Vest Pattern.

    Do you have a link for that gambeson? Awesome work man.
  22. Gil-Galad

    Toddler Armor

    That's just adorable.
  23. Gil-Galad

    how do you do it?

    Remove keyboard, push screen and speakers back. Perfect amount of space!