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    A Dream World where pain and injustice do not exist
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    Mailling, PC Gaming, Mailling, spending time with my wife, occasionally updating my website, Ice Cream, Reading good books (Fantasy, Sci-Fi), PC Gaming...
  1. C-Maille

    Chainmail Wallet "ID (Tap) That"

    Neat! I like it. I've been wondering how a wallet would work in chain!
  2. C-Maille


    Love the scale flowers on it!
  3. C-Maille

    The CM Flag Bag

    This is a bag I made over the 4th of July weekend on the inspiration of my father-in-law. The white rings are EDPM RUbber rings as TRL was out of 1/4 inch 16ga white rings at the moment. I woven a red/white/blue nylon cord to close the bag. It measures about 3 inches high and 2 inches wide at the mouth. I tried to make some fireworks on the opposite side of the flag, but hey did not turn out well.

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  4. C-Maille

    Blue and Ice Black Scale Bag

    This is a bag that was special made for a customer. He wanted a blue bag with other blue accents and ice black with blue scales at the top. I call it the Pick Bag. The bag is about 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the mouth. I wove a custom blue and black nylon cord to close the bag with and tied it all up with a stop lock and some fabric glue. Its a nice bag!

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