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  1. Hi been reading threads here for years I would like to start a new project for a female costume. im sure I can do it. can anyone who has done something like this post any hurdles they had to get through.


    I want to a design some thin that is form fitting but hides the belly "baby battle Scar" she is really hot looking just self conscious about this area.


    any help no matter how complicated I know I can do it.

  2. I've been working on a full scalemaille shirt and have been wondering where to add contraction on the armor. As it is i was adding them down the sides like how the seam on a shirt would be but i'm not sure if that's the recommended way to do it. I've been looking at other people's projects and it seems that quite often they were added at the base of the shoulder blades and just below the pecs. for reference here's what i have so far. i'm hoping that the location doesn't matter too much as that'd be quite a bit of rework on with both the design and the actual armor.



    Here is what I did

  3. Seems I havn't posted on here for a couple years or so. I don't really dabble in chain or scale anymore but I still have all my pieces. Here is a pic of an outfit I made for this years Texas Renfest. This pic was taken last weekend. Let me know what you think or how I might improve it.



    Hmmm nice I'm in Houston also I want to get into leather working as well to compliment my armor making

  4. I am getting cloes to finishing up my scale tunic, using split rings. In a week or two I will be ready for edging it, and doing some small chain weaves (for under the arm to chest deals).


    I am not aware if their is a standard size I should use for edging rings, or if their are a lot of different variables their. Only thing I really know is I want to use saw cut Stainless Steel.

    I use the same rings I use for the scales

  5. I'm making a scale vest, I'm making the back part a strait  row and not the V shape that I see in the gallery. My problem is the top row is very loose, I thought that once I edged it that would deal with the problem but I was looking at the edging video and he was showing how you would edge scale in the diamond pattern. I've been working all day on this and I've tried three different things to get the top row to be stable. It's late so i'll see if there is a way I can edge this in the morning but I don't know if that will solve the problem. So i'm asking anyone who has made a scale vest/shirt/etc. with a strait back how did you get the top row to not sag?

    hope these help








  6. Thanks, i'll be posting some stuff in a few weeks. I'll let you know how it turned out.

    No problem just take your time. Let me know if you need help I come around for a few months a year. I'm kinda seasonal I do another costuming site in the beginning of the year for comic palooza then next few months for renfest then it hunting season.

  7. First do you start from the top and work your way down? Do you make it flat then close it up when you are done? and does it stay in the cylinder like shape or is there a reinforcement that needs to be done. Should I be using a 2nd size ring to make it keeps it's shape?

    Do the entire length of the tail from top to bottom remember to taper in every fifth row then close it. It's very easy.

    Here is an update


  8. Paint over the foam with Latex paint and it will not dissolve. Found that out after melting the first draft of my buddys axe. Just about done with the final product, third try is the charm

    That's good to know, we need to make a proper tutorial. My next try I was going to cover in petroleum jelly but if paint works lets do it that way.