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  1. PArmbrust

    Using TRL kits/tutorials for teaching

    Oh no, I'm pretty sure that won't go over well. If you have to pay for a tutorial, you would be expected to pay for one for every one you may profit form.
  2. PArmbrust

    Newbie looking for help

    connector ring to connector ring is 3/4" on mine.
  3. PArmbrust

    Springback question

    I coiled a bunch of 2' lengths of .048" 5356 on each mandrel of my full set. I fit my .25" rod into the coil done with the .234" (drill letter A) one. You never did mention the WD though
  4. 390 20g 7/64" anodized aluminum rings in E4-1. Sheet was wrapped around the brass tube, cast in resin, turned on my lathe, then assembled into this one of a kind writing instrument. This is a new, narrower model available to be infused. It is required to cut into the ring, which exposes the raw ring material beneath the anodizing.
  5. PArmbrust

    20mm SS Bar Only

    I'm pretty sure the ring being described is the 20g(?) "attaching ring" that is fused to the bar. I must say this surprised me too when I got my bars, and sets. It seems to be the norm with the stainless toggles with attaching rings fused in that manner. It could be justified as a safe breakaway point, but I do agree a note would have been nice.
  6. PArmbrust

    What kind of ring?

    Could be copper clad steel. Someone gave me a spool of it, But I also got a bag via grab bag. Made this continuous twisted E4 piece with it. Tarnished like crazy since.
  7. PArmbrust

    Scalemail Turbine help

    They are on both pages FYI
  8. PArmbrust

    Scalemail Turbine help

  9. PArmbrust

    steampunk Pen

    I would sell this one, the other one in my gallery, or be up to fully customizing a one of a kind pen for anyone. Message if you are serious.
  10. PArmbrust

    steampunk Pen

    steampunk themed bolt action pen. spiraling 22g 3/32" nickel silver, brass, bronze, and copper in Euro 4 in 1 sheet was wrapped around the center tube, then cast in resin into a blank. the blank was turned and finished on my lathe, then assembled.
  11. PArmbrust

    Designing an Image for an Inlay - from scratch

    Inkscape is a free editing program that will also let you draw vectors. Lots of bells and whistles, and a bit of a learning curve. Supports many file types. There is also DraftSight, a free CAD program. Still a learning curve, but a lot less features to confuse things. Also supports many file types. With this combo, you would surely be able to create the image you want. Feel free to ask if you need help.
  12. PArmbrust

    Tin Solder and Scales

    I second the saw cut stainless. I have silver solder, and plenty of stainless, but never thought of using them together. Although I question the ability of a soldering iron (even the production quality one I'd pilfered from a factory I worked at 10 yrs. ago) to bring stainless to the right temp, I might just do a trial tonight. Will update if I come up with any useful knowledge.
  13. PArmbrust

    Ring quality issue

    I found the same thing with the SXNS20764 in an order from back in September. I actually sorted through the 1000+ rings and found about 1/4 to be unusable. For me that amounted to about $1.50, which didn't seem worth the time to try to have it addressed. Your sterling, however, is a different story. My thought is this can be attributed to the less experienced staff generated by the move. It really should be looked into.
  14. PArmbrust

    Grab bags!

    Can I get a clarification on the wire grab bag? stock line states: ( 6 lbs / bag) description line states: you get 10 lbs... Thanks
  15. PArmbrust

    Saw Cutting Question

    I feed coils against the blade direction through a poly guide block attached to my metal lathe.