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  1. Shaboigan

    Scale Gauntlet

    Its only connected around the edges, makes it a little more flexible and less time consuming than if they were all connected.
  2. Shaboigan

    Need help with naming my business

    I'd say that's a winner.
  3. Shaboigan

    Pricing your works

    I usually price by the cost of the materials (down to a price per ring, plus the cost to ship the rings to me), then i work out the number of rings per hour on a particular weave, figure out the total time for a whole project and then multiply it by an hourly wage based on the difficulty of the weave and material used (starting at around $16/hour for aluminum) That comes out to about $10 for a Half persian wristband, all the way up to $45 for a dragonscale bracelet.
  4. Shaboigan


    How does it look from the other side?
  5. Shaboigan

    Scale Gauntlet

    Two piece glove and vambrace. The glove is made with 22g 1/8" stainless steel for the fingers, 18g 1/4" Stainless steel for the rest, 16g 1/4" Black EPDM and Polished aluminum scales. Vambrace is made with polished aluminum scales and split rings, mounted on a leather backing so it will hold its shape.
  6. Shaboigan


    looking good. I've been working on making one of these myself, out of Green monster energy drink tabs.