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    Halifax, Nova Scotia
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    Building my first chaimail armor (eventually a suit). And airsoft, archery, digitally designing things.

    In process of building my European 4in1 shirt (armor), and plenty of jewellery pieces!
  1. AA_Battery

    Riveted Hauberk help

    So after mailling for four years now, I have come to the crazy conclusion that I need to make a battle ready, authentic hauberk. For both costume and SCA purposes. My reference style will be of this: In particular, that of a crusader. So my question is, are there any good places to buy riveted mail, and if not, what would be my second best option? Also, I'm debating materials. I was thinking of using mild steel for authenticity, but how would that compare to stainless steel in regards to strength and weight?
  2. AA_Battery

    Costume Coif w/ Inlay Update 4

    Leather chin strap perhaps to take the weight off of the back?
  3. AA_Battery

    Large Scale Question - Which To Pick?

    Ok, so under the arm pit, it just takes a 90* turn for the sleeves like a regular shirt?
  4. AA_Battery

    Scale Gauntlet

    Do you attatch every ring to the leather, or only at key locations on the vambrace?
  5. AA_Battery

    Solid Sterling Silver JPL3 8g Collar

    It's something that would collect dust for sure, but it's the same with shirts. Eventually someone will find and buy it.
  6. AA_Battery

    The Sea Myth

    Stunning! The colors work so well with one another! Is that copper and bronze?
  7. AA_Battery

    Large Scale Question - Which To Pick?

    Finished vest. Still need to add some tweaks to it including the cross and adding sleeves. But I'm not a hundred percent sure the best way on how to attatch the sleeves to allow the best possible movement and strength. Any help?
  8. AA_Battery

    156148 10101210359711282 532883399 N

    I prefer a sword and shield over brute force!
  9. Thank you all you helped me with my Euro armor! Thanks to you, I'm now an advid chainmailler with a side business! Also big thanks to TRL!

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      congrats on the side business! Happy mailling!

  10. AA_Battery

    Pricing my products

    Im still a begginner. So I price it at materials x2 plus what Im happy with. I agree with the others though. Once i go around looking for customers, I'll definitly do it at materials x2 + $10/hr
  11. Ive been mailling since october, and have no plan on stopping! It started as just armor, then the art group im in asked if I could make a few bracelets. Since then, Ive spent over $500 and made $150. Ive even started my own business! I think I'm doing really well considering im not out trying to get customers as Im currently getting my inventory up.
  12. AA_Battery

    earings list

    Various earrings I have made over the last few months.
  13. AA_Battery

    Sterling Silver Earrings with Amethyst Trillions

  14. AA_Battery

    Sterling Silver 24g 3mm E8-1 Spiral

    what size rings did you use? Great look! I use 22g 3/32" for mine
  15. AA_Battery

    stretchy collection

    Stretchy helm and dragonscale bracelets made of EPDM rubber and anodized aluminum with 16g 5/16" and 18g 3/16' rings