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  1. Notmykl

    Help pick the colors for tiny scales

    My votes: 1. green 2. mirror 3. champagne
  2. I've started to use swivel clasps on some necklaces to help with the rolling.
  3. Notmykl

    Horst the Hippopotamus

    That's one of the first things I thought of too!
  4. Notmykl

    Horst the Hippopotamus

    So cute!
  5. Notmykl

    Animal Diabetes

    My dog Roadie, a Pommie, lasted about 2 years with insulin dependent diabetes. We weren't doing bad keeping him stable with vetsulin but when the FDA pulled it off the market and forced us to use human insulin we just couldn't keep him stable. He died the same day I brought him home from the vet after spending 3 days in the hospital for hypoglycemia. Roadie ate cat food. I've never had a dog who would eat dog food once he was able to get into the cat food. And since my cat would eat the dog food then throw up, I dropped the dog food totally. Cat food has more protein than dog food plus taurine for their eye health - human babies like it too. Once Roadie had to go on a low protein diet keeping him out of the cat food was difficult.
  6. Notmykl

    Halloween wrapped lasered tag kits

    No bats? -so bummed-
  7. Notmykl

    Stainless Steel Shot Ruined?

    You can also find citric acid in homecanning supplies.
  8. Notmykl

    Necklace for client

    Maybe she means colorful or a suprising juxtaposition of color instead of gaudy?
  9. Notmykl

    Birdcage Persian

  10. Notmykl

    Type of Clasp

    Add a safety chain to your bracelet - it will help keep the bracelet on your wrist if/when the clasp comes undone.
  11. Notmykl

    Announcing New Jewelry Supplies

    I'm hoping TRL adds 2, 3, 4 and 5-ring bar ends in anodized niobium. Yeah, I know they have 3-ring bar ends in anodized titanium but I'd like to have more ring and color choices.
  12. Notmykl

    Pink's chainmail top in Pepsi's commercial

    Huh, her outfit is surprisingly tasteful.
  13. Notmykl

    The best ring cutter?

    This thread is four years old which would explain the price difference.
  14. Notmykl

    Wolf Teeth and Wire!

    I take it they wanted you to prove you found the feathers?
  15. Notmykl

    Floor sweepings surprise

    Lucky duck.