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    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    Would it be possible to get one or multiple batches of anodized medium-sized scales, like the ones you currently offer in clear anodized? I ordered about 5000 of these and I really like the size. I'd be looking to buy $100-200 batches for each color in AA to start with, but would consider buying more if the batches need to be larger than that.
  2. Nightingale

    Shipping Options and the Holidays.

    I've never had a package from you arrive this fast... I ordered on Wednesday and got it about an hour ago. Seeing as I live in Europe, that's incredibly fast. Thanks! Now I can go make some people happy with a few last-minute Christmas presents.
  3. Nightingale

    Triple Layer Scale Flowers

    So... When I saw the triple scale flowers on the TRL website, I looked up the ring sizes (they're mentioned in the video) and made one. However, I didn't have any 19g 9/64" rings for the sides, so I used 5/32. The flower was easy enough to make, but the top row of small scales flops around a lot. It'd really like for it to be rigid. Has anyone made these? Are they rigid when you use 9/64" rings?
  4. Nightingale

    Securing your product at fairs

    I've been to about a dozen fairs over the last 2 years. Silver and gold go in a case, all the other items are not secured. The fairs I go to usually have somewhere between 5.000 and 10.000 visitors a day and fairs are 2-4 days. I've never had anyone snatch anything. People want to touch everything. I've noticed that the thing they like best about chainmaille is how smooth it feels to the skin. It flows, you can't resist taking it in your hands and playing with it for a bit. If you don't like people touching every single item though, it usually works to have some big non-jewelry eyecatcher for people to play with. To big RenFairs I usually bring a coif and one or two scalemaill tops. Having a few big dicebags or juggling balls lying on the table also helps. People notice the big items, pick them up and later on have less of an urge to pick up other things, unless they are interested in the item. I've also tried putting a few small baskets around with keychains and stuff like that. For earrings you could take the kind of display that has holes in it, instead of the ones with large eyes. The holes are small and you have to lift the earwire out, which takes a few seconds. Also, if you put earring displays somewhat higher (just put a box covered in cloth under it), peoples hands are very visible when they take them. They can't quickly hide the item away, have a larger risk of being seen doing it and will usually not snatch it. Also, if you put a mirror beside it at the same height, people can try the earrings on (or hold them to their ear) without having to bend over. Oh, and I've also tried the Mongol thing. Works like a charm.
  5. Nightingale

    Holes in the small scales

    I've been getting scales with holes that are lower for about a year, I think, though up until now it's only been the brushed alu scales (both anodized and normal). Some batches don't have them, some batches all have a lower hole and some are mixed. For reference; I make one or two orders a month and they usually contain about 10 bags of small brushed alu scales. When it just barely doesn't fit, replacing 18 5/32 with 19 5/32 of 20 5/32 usually works (I use 19 and that usually fits). When it's still to tight, try either 16 5/16 or 18 5/16 for the large rings.
  6. Nightingale

    Fireplace Screen

    Thanks for the explanation, I think I know enough now to be able to tell my customer what choices he has. Hopefully you'll be hearing from me, but I guess that's up to him.
  7. Nightingale

    A glimpse at what TRL is up to in 2013

    And my dragons would really love to have some young... So... If you could please keep pushing for these...
  8. Nightingale

    Fireplace Screen

    I've had someone ask about a fireplace screen. Normally I order TRL rings for armour and jewelry, but I've never had anyone ask for something like this and really don't know anything about it. I'm guessing the only thing that can be used for this is stainless, as it can withstand heat without deforming (or without deforming a lot, at least). It also has to be able to catch sparks. You sell many different sorts of welded SS fabric: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=95&cat=Sheets+of+Chainmail Is the one on the top of the page the only one that can be used for this? What qualities should I look for in a piece of fabric to make it okay for this type of use?
  9. Nightingale

    A glimpse at what TRL is up to in 2013

    Does 'almost ready' mean before or after the saw-cut anodized scales? Figure I'd buy a few hundred bucks of xs aa scales every month.Will they be made in both color palettes?
  10. Nightingale

    Best Sellers

    Last year I went to a fair and sold about 40 scale flowers in 2 days. The scale bracelets I had with me didn't sell at all. Last week I went to the same fair and only sold 2 scale flowers. My scale bracelets however, almost sold out. I've been doing fairs for over a year now and at the end of the day I'm always surprised about which items sold well. Some items don't sell for 3 or 4 fairs in a row and then suddenly vanish in a matter of hours. Why? I have no idea. Generally though it doesn't really depend on which weaves I use, as I notice that 9 out of 10 people can hardly tell more than 2 or 3 different weaves apart (and yes, I tested this). Small items like pendants always sell well as they are generally inexpensive and are used for gifts a lot. When people buy things for themselves they tend to not go for 'normal' bracelets, but buy either a matching set or a more prominent or flashy item, like a handflower. I notice that if I use scales in my work people tend to find an item more interesting, as most people at fairs here already know chainmaille but have mostly never seen (colored) scales or scalemaille before.