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    Attaching 16g 5/16" Rings to 16g 1/4" or 18g 3/16" Rings

    I'll be making a hauberk of large scalemail using the 16g 5/16" rings with attached sleeves and I'd like to use mostly the smaller rings for anything that I'm not using the scales to cover. I'm just not sure if it will work since the ring sizes are different.
  2. I'm looking into making a chainmail suit with long sleeves that I would like to attach some kind of gauntlet to. I'll most likely use the basic 4to1 pattern and I want to know if it is possible to attach a sheet of 16g 5/16" to 16g 1/4" or 18g 3/16" Rings for aesthetic purposes. I'd also like to make sure the 16g 1/4" or 18g 3/16" would be suitable for use with the small scales available on TRL. Thanks you your help!