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    Silvered AA for Scales & 14ga?

    Thanks for the speedy reply! Soooo if I understand this right, silvered scales, even if you do make them, are many months away, right? I hope you do them, I'd love white scales and silvered gold scales ^_^ but for the projects I have in mind I'll just order now. Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I was wondering if there were any plans to make silvered AA for aluminum scales and 14ga rings? I really really love the silvered AA, and I wish scales came in it, and that rings bigger than 16ga had silvered colors too... (Yes, I know that there are silvered rings for 14ga 15/16", but I'd like to work with bigger 14ga rings like 7/16"...) Anyway, I would like to know so I can either get the non-silvered stuff for some projects I want to do, or hold out for silvered. Thanks!