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  1. Serenity in Chains

    Aluminum - Bright

    ETA of Saw Cut BA 16G 1/4in ID?
  2. Serenity in Chains

    Green Dragon

    This is an amazing set!
  3. Incredibly exicted about working with tRL niobium that is on its way for a customer commission (and thank you for shipping it quickly).

  4. Serenity in Chains

    AA Quality?

    Bernice, I am going to apologize for my portion of the misunderstanding. I should have also been more explicit. I would never ask for 'perfect' rings. I'm well aware that is not possible. I also was not able to respond to your message as it bounced back as undeliverable via my e-mail twice. I made an assumption that it was a 'ticket system' only and not respondable as such. The language was strong on both ends of the scope, and I apologize. My frustration with the supply orders got in the way of my communication skills. Please also let me state that I do NOT think you are aiming to be a bad company or a bad C.S. provider. I think that things got lost in the process of communication (hence the reason I opened this line of dialogue in an effort to reach someone). I've also had my business partner's frustrations to deal with as well, which added to the pile. And I appreciate your unwillingness to censor the dialogue here. As I said, I am by no means attempting to tarnish the reputation of tRL, but trying to find a solution to what has been an ongoing frustration that came to a head. I will simply send you a message via the board system and bypass the problems with the regular e-mails (which until know I didn't even think of doing, and I apologize for that as well). I would rather find a viable solution that works for both your company and mine than have to go to a more expensive vendor, especially considering we are moving into the holiday season and plan on ordering much larger quantity of the stocks that we use often. Waluy, I will let you know if I need to sell off this bag. It's a single bag of orange aa1614 machine cut, unopened (ordered to finish a custom item instead of restocking machine cut when we would like to all rings to saw cut).
  5. Serenity in Chains

    AA Quality?

    Bernice, I am not expecting NO variation. I'm experienced enough with the anodization process that I realize that this is not feasible. I was requesting a bag of product that doesn't have a 2 shade difference (as in 2 shades between the shades in the bag) in variance with a 50% variant rate. And the options we have been given so far are A) deal with it ourselves and B) buy more products (or a saw cut product that has the same variance issues). We've ordered the orange before and had miscolored rings. It's expected to an extent. But 50% is ridiculous. I spent several weeks researching on your site and looking at the variance disclaimers before deciding to make a purchase. So I was not suprised when I had to pick out 10 rings in a 300 ring bag for miscolor. But at what point do you say "this is not right" when you receive a product back from your anodizer? I expected slightly better quality control and service from a company we frequently order from. I'm not trying to flood this forum with my complaints, but I've become beyond frustrated with what I thought was an excellent company. When you order a product, you expect to get what you ordered, and for it to be right, and be shipped (for the majority) on time. And if it's not, we expect to be able to return it, get it replaced, or at least be offered an apology. At this point I would have even accepted a "That's how it is from now on but here is a 10% off one time for your frustration". But we were essentially told to just deal with it. It's just not acceptable customer service. AffinityofMist, C&T designs uses their own rings. They are not a reseller. Their colors vary from the shades provided by tRL according to my partner that ordered from them. I can't speak personally as i have yet to place an order. They are also in the States, and have a turn around time of 2-3 days from receiving your order. That's from placing order to getting it at the door (I'm sure this does vary with shipping conditions and volume like any other company). And as far as the companies that resell, it's the time they mark up for. My time is valuable too, as is my lack of frustration. I am willing to pay a bit more for a consistent product. If a company resells and they hand sort to give you a consistent order, then that is worth paying for. Especially since it means I have more time for creating products for my customers, and less time worrying about back-end quality control. As far as the saw cut, I would have LOVED to be able to order saw cut consistently from tRL. However, the colors we need are often out of stock. If they aren't available, then I have no choice but to order the machine cut. For instance, we've been waiting for the AA1614 saw white for almost 2 months. If it were offered in machine cut I would have ordered it in machine cut to get the product. Borealis, I am not 'berating' or 'burning' tRL for no good reason. I have called, and e-mailed about my concerns on more than one occasion. i have even mentioned, politely, concerns on their FB page in such a way as to preserve their integrity and not make a scene. And our orders are smaller than your own because of the type of company that we are, and the fact that I was hoping to switch out to ALL saw cut AA as soon as the colors we needed were back in stock. Since they aren't, there is no reason for me to order 100.00 of orange in machine cut. And I can assure you this isn't a hobby for any of us. It's how the bills are paid. I appreciate you coming to the defense of tRL. I've done the same on more than one occasion. But when you don't get results in the normal private venues (e-mail, phone calls, etc..) it leaves little choice. I'm not shouting these issue to the rafters. I'm not on FB (which would be incredibly irresponsible and childish) screaming about how terrible they are and how no one should buy from them (which i am certainly not saying at all). But I am providing them feedback about my dissatisfaction in a forum designed for 'Customer Feedback'. I'm frustrated. As a business owner and a customer. I think that if I choose to order my products elsewhere that tRL has a right to know why and get the full opportunity to correct the issue.
  6. Serenity in Chains

    AA Quality?

    Bernice, I have to be honest I'm not interested in what other of your customers do for their duds. The point was more than 50% of my bag is miscolored, and it's not the first issue we have had with orders we have placed with your company. It is not a good business decision for us to order a product that costs less when we end up being able to only use 50% of what we ordered, and have to wait an undetermined and inconsistent amount of time for the order to ship. We end up loosing money in the process. It also doesn't help that the responses we have gotten for our concerns have been very dissatisfying. It seems that we have become a number for your company, and not a valued returning customer. If we responded to our customer's concerns in the same manner as we have been responded to, we wouldn't be able to stay in business. We weren't asking for much either. One 5.00 (after shipping) bag of rings to be replaced. Also, what is the point of telling us to order the saw cut for more consistent quality if the color we are needing is A) not in stock long enough to order and B) is anodized in the same manner as the machine cut that we are having major problems with? Your competitors are more expensive, this is true. But I'm being told they are also more consistent and customer friendly (and this by some of your own customers on this very forum). I'm willing to spend more money for a higher quality product and better customer service. And, my business partner just got her order in from one such competitor and had not one miscolored ring in her AA bags. They were also kind enough to throw in a small amount of free rings for the quantity she ordered.
  7. Serenity in Chains

    AA Quality?

    The machine cut AA rings lately have something very much left to be desired. Warped, miscolored, miscut, or a major shade difference. I don't think I will continue to order the AA machine cut any longer (and am in the process of sourcing other suppliers). Especially the orange. And being told to just 'pick out and resell' the ones we can't use is not only frustrating, it's rude. We run our business in a very particular way to maintain the quality of our products. I'm not going to resell badly made rings to my customers at 'double what they were purchased for' when the quality is so poor.
  8. Very frustrated with the order I recieved. miscolors and warped rings galore.

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    2. Scott12357


      I had the same problem with an order I placed a while back. About 85% of the BA532 rings I ordered were more like BA316. It really screwed up the inlay I was working on. I had to sort them out by hand and try to get enough to finish the inlay. Then the old and new BA rings were differently colored. Not happy.

    3. bigtitann


      @scott, if you mean you ordered more rings, and they didn't match those that you added into the inlay before, thats a tarnish thing, not a TRL thing!

    4. Milquetoast


      Unless he means before and after their new process

  9. Serenity in Chains

    Large scale candle flower

    We have recently started producing and carrying the candle skirts, and the small scale version just seems to small to me for the price we have to charge. My next order is going to include the larger scales and the rings to match for the larger candle skirt. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
  10. Serenity in Chains

    Irregular rings

    We have been receiving more and more incomplete rings. It's a little disturbing to have to throw away 15-20 rings out of a bag. Perhaps one of the machines is malfunctioning? It always seems to be the machine cut.