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  1. Frostfly

    tumbling st. steel

    it will NOT become harder. This is a very old myth that is still perpatrated. to work harden something the material must move, Tumbling, is not an impact process. there might be a TINY bit of metal movement on the very surface, but it won't be enough to noticablely harden anything. unless you can heat treat it, your steel is gonna stay the same hardness.
  2. Frostfly

    What pieces can I sell?

    In Chainmail jewelry there is very little in the way of Originality. The art is in the choices made: Size, material, patterns. And in the quality of the work. As far as selling goes REMEMBER YOUR TIME HAS VALUE. Remember if your selling it is a business, not a "hobby" if you want to make a hobby out of it, give stuff away.
  3. Frostfly

    Medic Alert Replacement band

    I've done several of these now, Lobsters on each end to clip on. They sell wonderfully as custom peices.
  4. Who was at the Retro Gaming Expo in Portland oregon recently? A friend of mine is looking for you re:girls making chainmail(she's a bit unforgetable) Also, Vending at the Tacoma Food and Gift show this week!

  5. Frostfly

    Enameled copper

    I'm wondering what's the current state of Enameled copper as a product line. in my last order several things I needed were out of stock and have been for some time. I'm specificly looking at the 19 guage (5/32) This material has been a standard part of my product line for 2 years now and i'd really like to know if I need to start replacing the line or if I will be able to restock (even if the colors are somewhat diffrent) thank you.
  6. Frostfly

    Mint or Seafoam

    I'm in after the fact unfortunately, but the seafoam is unfortunate. It's SO soft you can't really tell it from bright alumium. It's a lovely color in a pile, but in a chain it's nearly meaninless.
  7. 11 days as a vendor at the Oregon state fair...now I just need 2 weeks to recover

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Well, I hope everything went well and you get some healing done!

  8. Frostfly

    Tool Magic problems & scratching rings

    IMO "tool magic" is a crutch to make up for poor tool use skills. grip the ring properly (as Mr. banana shows) and make sure your tools are the right size for the project. One needle or chain nose and one flat nose do the job the best imo(again like the picture) The advice to take a bit of the edge off your tools with some fine sand paper is a good one too. I use 400 grit on mine, no need to glue it to anything. Don't "round it off" just give the hard corner a bit less sharpness. Good tools also help a ton, craft store pliars tend to be a crap shoot, I've got a couple good pairs and I've seen a lot fall apart in a hurry, even in the same brand, If you're going to do this long term it's worth it to invest in some good tools. Good tools with some practice shouldn't ever hurt a ring.
  9. Frostfly

    Pricing my products

    in theory in sell jewelry for a living(practice is a diffrent story). As most of these people have said I use a materials x2 + time formula. It's a bit more complicated then that however. Somethings will have a higher percieved value then their time investment. my least expensive earrings I can make 10 pair an hour, but they sell very easily at 8 bucks a pair. You need to weigh the actual time and materials vs a percieved value of an item. I find it much easier to group items at a smiliar price point rather then try to price peice by piece. I know that a sterling and niobium bracelet in Byz is gonna take me longer to make then one in HP 4-1 but I'll price them the same. Always charge for your time, If you feel your work is "beginner" don't sell it. if you dont' charge for your time not only are you devaluing your work, but you are devaluing every other jeweler at any event you go to.
  10. I consider my chainmail jewelry to be my primary source of income. that being said, i cheat wildly to keep my life afloat. as an artist I've had to add other things to my repetoir to keep my self moving forward. I also make cast silver finger rings carved in orginal designs. I've recently added custom designed and built show fixtures. I live a lot cheeper then knuut (no ex-wives) so I don't need that kinda return, and my margins are a whole lot better (90% on some items and over 75% on most.) so I dont' need 100k in sales a year...but i'd really love to see 25k consistantly.
  11. Frostfly

    How do you display your jewerly?

    I use a varity of diffrent displays. The vast majority i made myself. I use a group of 8 racks with bars spaced at 3.5 inches to hang earring cards on. I have a collection of necklace and braclet displays that fit on the same bars. All the signs have hangers as well so my racks are modular and can be adjusted to fit product on hand and size of the space I have avalible. I use 4 foot tables...I usually set up 5 for my standard 10 x 10 canopy. The goal is to kinda curve things up...so i'll have some peices flat on the table, then some ramps for bracelets, then earrings hanging nearly vertical. Hight is required. It gets peoples attention as they walk by. lets them see the pretties. Keep the space clean, Sold colors. Mostly you'll find jewelry on black, you can get a decent velvteen or velvet with out paying too much. I use a dark blue 100% silk velvet cuz I'm an idiot. I recently did a display with a deep red velveteen. It looked so good I may steal the idea. Deep dark colors give the right kinda of feeling. powerful, strong, and rich. The simple truth is most show fixtures are just retail fixtures, they don't travel well, they tend to be bulky and heavy. Jewelry tends to use a lot of displays. I design and build my own displays and displays for other artists. I design with an eye for lightweight, folding and portable. The first is a folding necklace show display, folds up so that you can leave the product inside. The second one is set up as a retail display, but would work just fine as a show display.
  12. Frostfly

    Portable jewelry station

    It's a pretty set up...but 21 pairs of pliers? I may own that many but I routinely use only 3 pair and occaisonally 2 more. Magnification...well I've never found any that i've liked using, but that's a tool choice, and so very personal. What kinda of Chainmail needs a vise? Curious, i've been doing this for a very long time and have yet to need a vise for anything woven. As for rings, something diffrent would be better. Think square. If you've got access to work working tools and some skills you could prolly construct something that would hold a lot more varity...and keep the little buggers from moving around. To sum up. Great idea, More rings, less tools. (i personally use a big tool box these days, and lots of smaller boxes)
  13. Frostfly

    Work hardening anadized niobium

    Tumblers do essentially nothing to the hardness of a material. There isn't enough material movement. It's not an impact that polishes the material it's a burnishing. The surface may be slightly "harder" and we are talking a few molcules thick here...beyond that nothing. Save a tumbler for cleaning/polishing.
  14. Frostfly

    A little market research

    Peach has anyone called you smart lately?
  15. Frostfly

    Fee and Discount?

    Yes I absolutely charged for my time when I started. If I'm selling something it's a business. if it's a business I'm in it to make a profit. I won't even make dragon scale. I doubt I can get my time out of it. I do have bracelets running up to over 400, but I don't expect to sell them at a show, they are mostly bait to get people into the booth so I can start talking.