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    Bulk Dome Riveted Pre-Punched Rings

    I've actually always used one of each of those types. The wide nose gives better leverage, and the angled lets you get into weaves where you don't have so much room. The problem with open armpits is that I think that would disengage the mail over the shoulder vertically from the body of the shirt, which would eliminate the support effect. Either way there's plenty of room for trying and tweaking. Now I just have to go check the bank account and see if I can afford it!
  2. carasci

    Bulk Dome Riveted Pre-Punched Rings

    It'll still be pretty expensive, but at least it's into the realm of reasonable. You're right about the arms, the only reason I want them at all is that they'll help to carry the weight better across the shoulders, from the tip of the shoulder it'd be four or five inches down the the arm at the longest, on the inside of the arm just enough that it won't bind too badly in the armpit. The pliers look nice, but are you sure they'd work on rings as small as 1/4"?
  3. carasci

    Bulk Dome Riveted Pre-Punched Rings

    Ok, now we're getting somewhere. You're definitely right that stainless would be a huge asset, and with rings that small even 4-1 would be quite dense. Spring temper is probably overkill, and the amount of extra work spent making the shirt versus the work to replace a ring or two now and then isn't a good comparison, at least when I'm not planning on putting it between steel and I. I hadn't considered the issue with piercing force, and you're right that the trauma this would be subjected to is quite a different kind of force. I've been looking at various patterns for sleeves, and I think I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. My chest measurement is approximately 37" with a full breath in at the widest point, approximately nipple height. From the bottom of the vest to approximately collarbone height is ~19". The measurement was taken straight, so the tape didn't bend over the body increasing the distance. (No, I don't have an abnormally short chest, the shirt's just shorter than average, only falling about two or three inches below the navel.) Those measurements are bare-chest, no shirt or gambeson. The plan is to do a fairly tight neck with a slit closed with ribbon or cord, and very short sleeves, not even half way down the bicep. I've got plenty of uses for other small pieces of mail, so I'd much rather err on the side of caution when ordering. One more question: Since my last project, I've moved a couple times and am now plierless. What would you guys recommend for this size/type of ring/weave?
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    Bulk Dome Riveted Pre-Punched Rings

    Unfortunately that's the answer I was hoping not to see. I've looked at GDFB's rings, and while they seem fine the cost is a bit of an issue. In my case this isn't actually for armored combat. I'm a parkour artist and I've been interested in trying to add some extra weight while training. The point of moving to 6-1 would actually be to increase the weight, and to make the mail more dense so in the event of a fall it'd be smoother and less likely to dig in. (It's not so much an issue of dissipating the large kinetic impact of getting hit as it is making sure the impact doesn't get concentrated on any points in particular.) Basically, anything backpack like throws off my center of gravity something awful and every weighted vest I've seen looks like it'd seriously injure me if I fell on it. Mail provides an even layer across the body, so you wouldn't get the effect of falling on a bench weight the first time you slipped. While mail would certainly leave a mark, if it was densely woven enough I figure it wouldn't hurt much more than the ground would anyways. Thus durability isn't so much an issue of protection as it is of not wanting to repair it. I've done some similar training in my other shirt, but it's not fitted right and, being made of aluminum, it's not really providing much in the way of weight. I've taken a couple falls in it and while the bruises were mail-shaped they weren't any worse than otherwise as far as I could tell, but the shirt certainly wasn't happy about them. Welding would be fine if I had the equipment, but I'm simply not set up for it. Solid rings are definitely a worthwhile thing to consider, they'd certainly speed up the process and are considerably cheaper.
  5. Hey all. I've been debating a riveted project for a long time, but quite frankly I don't have the time or the space to make the rings myself. Unfortunately, I've reached a bit of an impasse when it comes to getting my hands on some reasonably-priced pre-made rings. The project I've got in mind is an armor grade dome-riveted shirt, fairly close-fitting, short-sleeved and coming slightly above the hips, so somewhat shorter than the "standard" shirt you tend to see. I've done a full shirt before, though of larger aluminum rings, so I do know what I'm getting myself into. Authenticity isn't an issue, but I want something that's going to be sturdy because the odds of it getting hit hard are pretty high. I haven't got a good estimate yet of how many rings I'll need, but obviously it's a considerable number. I'm still debating between 4-1 and 6-1, but leaning towards 6-1. The goal is the garment, not the project so if I absolutely have to I can do a hack job on a commercial shirt, but I want a nice tailored fit so I'm betting that would be a pretty huge pain in the neck when it came down to it. TRL doesn't seem to be stocking any kind of rings pre-made for riveting, so I'm looking to see if anybody else has any suggestions on where to get this kind of bulk rings at a reasonable price. I'm in Canada, so Canadian would be best though not absolutely necessary. Thanks in advance.