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  1. Pipamonium

    Newer Chainmailler Looking For Advice

    Thank you both. It's not too floppy and people seem to like playing with it more with some flop to it anyway I was just curious when my attempt to figure out AR's showed they were all the same. I wasn't sure it wasn't my own ineptitude when making my first rigid weave. And those AR's are for the inverted round weave not the captive right?
  2. First I wanted to show off my latest creations. The cubes are all 18g 3/16". I wanted to know if anyone has any idea why the large one is so solid, while the red and green ones have some flop to them, and the purple one is really floppy in comparison. I know the 'hodo' instructions called for double connector rings not triple but when I wore my first version I had several of the connectors pop out after extended wear but I have yet for a triple to do so. I also wanted to try the 'captive caterpillar' and 'captive inverted ring-mail' and wanted to know if anyone had ideas for good ring sizes to use for either?
  3. Pipamonium


    I like zibbit - there is no fee to post items for sale and they take no cut from sales. You can pay to have a premium but you don't have to to be able to take advantage of just about everything. It's worth taking a look into. If you want to use an e-mail account to work with people about custom projects (I prefer that way too - I hate talking on the phone) I'd set up a seperate e-mail.
  4. Pipamonium

    Helping younger cousins get started

    I've found the easiest things for me to make were the 'flower of life' pendant and 'hodo' bracelet. They lay flat and are easy to visualize. I've also found smaller rings instead of bigger were easier to learn with because I can focus more on the big picture than worrying about forcing each ring shut. The two patterns I listed above are simple and look really pretty. They're also relatively cheep to make - buying from TRL the pendant would cost roughly $0.34-$0.53 to make depending on the amount of AA used. Hodo's would cost $0.19-$0.27 per inch to make. Plus they're both more-or-less the same weave, just different ways of putting them together. That is what I'm planning to teach my daughter first when she's old enough to learn and wants to.
  5. Pipamonium

    Need Advice for Making a Wallet/Purse

    Thank you! That was very helpful. I've ordered a bunch of aluminium rings in a couple of sizes to experiment a little and see what weave will work best for me before I actually get started. I will definitely have to post picks of my progress to show off and see what you all think I'm doing right/wrong!
  6. Pipamonium

    Need Advice for Making a Wallet/Purse

    Thank you Movak. I think I could handle that!
  7. Pipamonium

    Need Advice for Making a Wallet/Purse

    Oooh! A purse frame is a nice idea. Thank you. I was thinking the 4-1 would be a good one too but I wasn't sure. That other link is really fascinating looking. I can easily see how the neck would be difficult!
  8. Hello - I want to make a wallet/purse and could use some advice. Like what type of rings should I use, what kind of weaves... pretty much everything. I'm an ambitious girl - I started weaving only about 5 days ago and have already made a half dozen scale flowers, a couple Celtic star pendants, and a handful of the holiday ornaments from the instructions on TRL. I'm now working on a scale candle! I thought I might like doing this but I didn't realize how much I would love it! I'm making most of the above for Christmas presents and started so early because I thought it would take me a lot longer than this to complete and wanted to be done by Christmas. Yeah - at this rate I'll be done before the next week is out. That in mind I don't think I could do anything too advanced but I'm not against a nice challenge! I'd like to make something large enough to fit my cards, ID, and maybe some cash that would lay flat. I'm thinking roughly two and a half by three and a half inches? Would that be large enough? I don't want people to be able to look at the bag and see what I have inside too easily so the weave should be fairly tight - or small rings? - at the same time I'd like it to be malleable so would a looser weave and the use of the small scales be a better choice? As for closing I'm thinking a fold over flap... Lastly - the strap! I'd like a long shoulder strap so what weave would you all recommend for that? -- Edit: accidentally hit post too soon!