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  1. CelticRogues

    Looking for Maroon AA 18g 1/4.

    I'm with you on a darker red, specifically maroon. I live in an area where school/team spirit colors are maroon and gold. I'm looking to create items for fundraising projects such as UIL, band boosters, art, etc. (Programs that typically suffer due to budget cuts.) So far all I have found are some burgundy copper core rings on ebay and etsy. I prefer not to use copper due to its softness and it would drive pricing up, which I want to avoid. On another note, I am not especially fond of the bright yellowish-gold offered through TRL either. It is a bit too gaudy for my tastes. It would be nice to see something a little more subdued.
  2. CelticRogues

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    Will any other shades of red be offered in the future? I am looking to create items in school/team spirit colors for fundraising events and am in need of maroon or some semblance thereof. I don't want to resort to enameled copper due to duribility issues and cost efficiency. Is it possible to mix dyes that you have access to in order to create new colors? Just hoping for a miracle.