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  1. I know already hands down that Hand made coils are the smartest way to go. Yet since I live in an apt and dont have all the tools nor money to buy what I need, such as a drill. I wanted to ask if anyone has bought the Uncut coils from TRL. They run for about $2.49 per lb. How long of a coil/how many rings would I get out of a lb. Would it be cheaper/smarter to just save up and buy the tools I need? Or should I just buy a bunch of Pre cut? Advice is helpful.
  2. Joshua_Rae

    Coif Help?

    Hey Everyone! So I need some help/advice. I have been wanting to start a chain project for a while now and I've decided to go with a coif. Not the easiest I know, but I'm up for the challenge. However, I have been looking online for a good hour or so trying to find instructions, or a pattern or anything for making a coif, and I cant find a thing. I have found a few on partial coif or complete open faced coifs. Does anyone know where I can get some good instructions/tutorial on making one? Also I have a read a lot of different opinions on what size and gauge wire to use, what would be the best and most historically accurate to use? Thanks! Josh
  3. Joshua_Rae

    Coif Help?

    Sweet thanks guys! I was thinking about using 14g 3/8 GS.